Sony: It’s our role to innovate

MCV writes: "Platform holders are obligated to produce cutting edge, commercially risky games, Sony has told MCV.

“It’s one of the roles of a platform holder,” SCE UK sales director Mark Howsen told MCV. “We’ve got to do that, to push boundaries as well as pushing strong franchises across their various iterations."

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Faztkiller3118d ago

Sony's always been innovators

ShinMaster3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

Their games have been some of the best and (many times) unique out there.

Faztkiller3118d ago

LBP and Heavy Rain both big risk but they payed off

Godmars2903118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

More like hardware.

Even with the PS2, which was less than arguably at the bottom of the PS2/NGC/Xbox1 tech pile, Sony had the foresight to enable its DVD drive to play movies. That not only put the console on top but gave a boost the DVD industry as a whole.

Sony does allow for devs to do their thing, but Sony themselves are first and foremost about hardware.

sikbeta3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

After Watching the Video in this Article:

I Totally Agree, keep Innovating SONY in Software+Hardware, you Know Best...

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Greywulf3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

oh wait...

Thats why Sony's biggest E3 news is always stealing previously exclusi...

oh wait...

Thats why the PS3 ships with a DVD only play...


Narutone663117d ago

certain company:"And our motto is to imitate".

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Optical_Matrix3118d ago

And Sony has been doing just that this gen. Look at the PS3's exclusives and the robust nature of the hardware. Kutaragi designed a brilliant piece of tech here.

DaTruth3117d ago

Most people wouldn't even know what videogames are if it weren't for Playstation!

BTW: It only does innovation!

Apocalypse Shadow3118d ago

while one company continues to rely on a character that hasn't fixed one drain over the years and must smell like h#ll in that same suit.and another company outsourcing their work with cheap labor with varying results on hardware and software.but has great advertising on 3 games a year.

sony has gone and changed the landscape of not just console making,but game making.

best all around hardware for your money.there is no question who made it.

best all around games.nintendo and microsoft aren't winning the awards.not even for best developer environment.that goes to is making the best games,pushing other devs to step up and make better games and creating new genres with their games.

when you think innovation,do you really think of the other two? can't innovate with last gen hardware.nintendo gets credit for the wiimote,but the hardware is a gamecube in disguise.and microsoft?720p was last gen on xbox just like dvd was.

bluray,hdmi,console multiprocessing,multiple features,amount of gamers in an online game,remote play,3D,augmented reality all in one box is only being done on one system(ps3) and by one company:


Alcon Caper3118d ago

The article is not about hardware.

CoxMulder3117d ago

Might as well have been, with a title like that.. :p

XabiTheHumble3118d ago

Sony has never been shy to endorsing risky new ideas.

nefertis3118d ago

I will take Sony company over nintendo and M$. I do like nintendo, but hate M$, Sony take risk too make there customers happy by innovating even though Sony got some ways about them I don't approve of.

DaTruth3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

Sony is the only company that would have two sequels to a game that tanked sales wise and then offer HD remakes of said games!

That's commitment to innovative software!