GOS: Nier Review

Charles King/DCI reviews Nier:

"Nier is Square’s newest Action RPG which launched on both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Developed by cavia Inc, you play the role of a man trying to save his daughter from a deadly virus. Nier is one of those games that get high marks for effort, but falls short in other areas. After playing this game for awhile I couldn’t shake the feeling that this title should have been released last generation, or that it would have made a better anime than a game."

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Lex_Yayo_4073120d ago

I am not really interested in this game at all, but I can give it a rent.

CharlesDCI3120d ago

Good Plan Lex, Good Plan

ExposingLames3120d ago

i rented this game.....i cant even play it anymore and its only been 2 days....1 of the most repetitive games i have played in years, its just not fun IMO

Calm Down Sunshine3120d ago

I'd advise staying away from this game, as you've most likely already played it.

Nier borrows far, far too much from every other RPG out already. And the only thing it gives back is it's dreadful obsessions with red balls.
Almost all of the puzzles and bosses use the same method of attack, they stamp their feet and then fire a string of red balls toward you.

And as for the "impressive soundtrack", I'm not sure you could call a single looped track impressive.

Oh and the "Stylish Magic Spells", well the one you're likely going to be using the most (I did) is just replicating the bosses string of balls.

LightofDarkness3120d ago

I quite enjoyed it, at it's core it was a fun game. The multiple endings are a nice addition if you dig the story, the second play-through gives you a new perspective on things that makes you second guess the until then obvious/black&white morality.

But yeah, I used perhaps 3 spells ever: Dark Hand, Dark Lance and Dark Blast. Mostly just Dark Lance, though. Kind of an over-powered spell, really.

Optical_Matrix3120d ago

Looks so generic, bland, and boring. What happened to Square Enix's talent I just don't know

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