Top 5 Best, Worst Games of this Generation

When you ask someone what they think the worst game they've ever played is, you're bound to get a lot of different answers. After all, you all play different games and have different tastes.

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RaymondM2460d ago

I liked you list man. While these games are pretty bad, there are cool features to be found. I might just check out Alone in the Dark now.


Conloles2460d ago

How is Vampire Rain not up there?

Kerrby2460d ago

What the hell kind of a list is this?

8thnightvolley2459d ago

i have played that list and i can say those game a truely horrid...

great list.. but i am sure some games might be missing thou.

Arnon2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

"Deadly Premonition

Platform: Xbox 360

Release Date: 2010

In Short: Twin Peaks meets old school survival horror video games.

The Bad: PS2 quality graphics, poorly written dialog, old school tank controls

The Reason it’s the second Best, Worst Game: Weird/Quirky characters and story, Low Budget price of $20, 20 hours of gameplay.

Final Thought: I highly recommend giving this game a shot. There is no other game like it out there and it’ll be the best $20 dollars you’ve spent all year; plus you’ll fall in love with the town theme song."

HAHA YES!!! This is one of my favorite games on the 360. It's so funny and campy and can actually be pretty unnerving when it needs to be. It's the best $20 I've ever spent. It's also a LOT more than 20 hours of gameplay. The story itself is 20 hours. Then there's 50 side-missions and 64 cards to collect in an open world (mostly driving) that's about twice the size of San Andreas.

I'm having a hard time finding Earth Defense Force 2017. Borrowing it from a friend and it's nothing but amazing. If you ever see these two games in stores, pick them up without hesitation.

dgroundwater2459d ago

Deadly Premonition is an instabuy if you have a passing interest in survival horror or adventure type games. The story is one you will never forget!

HolyOrangeCows2459d ago

Earth Defense Force and Alone in the Dark Inferno are good ones.

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ChefDejon2460d ago

RDR up there with the best...imo

cranium2459d ago

You clearly didn't bother to read the article.

Erotic Sheep2459d ago

A perfect example of the N4G crowd NOT reading articles and just going for headlines.

waltercross2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

The headlines is misleading.

Gobot2459d ago

Yeah, if you're an idiot.

4221852460d ago

SONIC died years ago.

Montrealien2459d ago

tell that to the 6 year old that bought Sonic Rush yesterday.

gamelova2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

IMO, the 5 best are Super Mario Galaxy 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, Metroid Prime 3:Corruption, LittleBigPlanet, and Demon's Souls. God of War 3, Uncharted 2, and Bioshock are the runner ups.

Max Power2460d ago

but these are the top 5 best, worst games. Not the top 5 best games.

Conloles2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

You might as well just say IMO the best consoles are the PS, PS2, PS3 and PSP.

I'll save my judgment for SMG2 seeing as it isn't out in my country yet. Besides that are ridiculous, Metroid 3 stunk, Uncharted 2 is clearly the best game so far of this console generation and LBP isn't even a game its just a platform for making your own games.

N4BmpS2460d ago

Huh? He mentioned Nintendo. You're saying that cuz he didn't mention a Xbox game?

Quagmire2460d ago

think gamelova completely missed the point to this article

gamelova2459d ago

You are right, all i saw was stupid games so I imagined that they were talking about the five worst. I didn't read it, I guess I should have.

gamelova2460d ago

the playstation consoles are the best,easily, but I think SMG2 is the best game this gen, hands down. I played Bioshock on the 360. I have all three consoles, it's just my favorite games happen to be on the PS3.

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