THQ Hiring Booth Babes On Craigslist

"Ah, the booth babe. An infamous position in the gaming industry held exclusively for attractive women who wish to be paid to stand around in skimpy outfits and smile suggestively.

In the past, booth babes have had their fair share of run-ins with horny nerds, but companies and models alike continue to trot out these booth babes in hopes of attracting said nerds to their game. And it usually works."

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Blaze9293116d ago

Something about that just struck me as really...'wrong' for some reason. Maybe it's just this entire ad list but wow, is this still how we treat women in 2010? It seems so...wrong? Go get some damn real jobs...and education and contribute something more than just plastic body parts and looks.


BOOBS! >_>

Nostradavis3116d ago

I think another thing that makes this seem trashy in a way is that they are using Craigslist. No offense to Craiglist, but shouldn't a company on the scale of THQ be using an agency of some sorts? Oh and God forbid they actually know a few things about games.

AridSpider3116d ago

LOL I think that's the EXACT problem - the use of Craigslist. It's like posting an ad on Myspace or something lol. A agency would have been way classier than a bunch of women responding to a craigslist ad.