Deviosity: Alan Wake Review

Deviosity's Robert Hastings writes, "Remedy Entertainment announced Alan Wake all the way back in 2005 during the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo. Since then it’s popped on and off of people’s radars at sparing intervals, and now that it’s finally been released, it seems as if Duke Nukem Forever should be only just around the corner. It can then only be described as fortunate that with such a long development period, Alan Wake has turned out to be a compelling and rewarding title to experience."

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Inside_out3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

Aw is a great game. looking foward to a bright future.

RobertDevious3092d ago

I enjoyed the game thoroughly, but I just hope they do something to vary up the redundant combat a bit in the sequel. Flashlight-dodge-shoot is only interesting for so long, and it's never really engaging.

As I said in the review, the game's strength is without a doubt its take on narrative, and I hope that any sequel Remedy might be planning can live up. There's plenty to love in this package.