Google ditches Windows on security concerns

Google is phasing out the internal use of Microsoft’s ubiquitous Windows operating system because of security concerns, according to several Google employees.

The directive to move to other operating systems began in earnest in January, after Google’s Chinese operations were hacked, and could effectively end the use of Windows at Google, which employs more than 10,000 workers internationally.

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bsukenyan3089d ago

If more big companies start making moves to Mac OS then more hackers will start writing viruses for Mac OS. When that happens I hope people realize that Mac OS is more susceptible to viruses and getting hacked (there is a handy access point through Safari, which SJ just loves to tout around as being a great browser) than Windows is. They did not really acknowledge that in the article, they only stated that Windows was likely due to its prevalence- that really does not tell the whole story though.

One day hopefully people will realize.

zig_zag_stories3086d ago

I think google would be using more linux then mac. do to the fact that most of there computers allready use linux.