Call of Duty: Black Ops – Who Needs Infinity Ward?

IGN: We know what you're thinking: seems like a pretty sensationalistic headline, right? After all, Infinity Ward has always stayed several steps ahead of stablemate Treyarch when it comes to creating Call of Duty games that both play better, and sell better. So how are things going to change?

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NewNameNow3093d ago

yes it is a very sensationalist title, ign's gone down the shitter and back

Blaze9293093d ago

yeah I don't know what new editors IGN hired or of the old ones have just lost it but it's been apparent not for quite a few months how sloppy they have gotten.

NewNameNow3093d ago

Their teams is getting payed too much to do too little thats what

cLiCK_sLiCK93093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

Call of Duty did this, did that....who cares. I just want zombies.

Colonel-Killzone3093d ago

Call of duty will always be Call of duty doesn't matter if you change the developers. Only thing that makes this special I guess is zombies and thats it. Thats the only reason I hear a lot of people gonna purchase this game is because of zombies.

rezzah3093d ago

Its the only reason why so many people loved 5. Which wasnt even an original. And they know this so its why they are adding it (like you say, I really dont know).

The only origanl Cod games are 1,2,4,6. Everything else that you have seen or will see in the future will lack something only IW could do.

Johandevries3093d ago

You miss UO which was far more original than 2 and 6

Digitaldude3093d ago

Black Ops won't be that different to warrant a full price tag.
I'm sticking to BC2.

N2NOther3092d ago

That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever read. You obviously have absolutely no idea what goes into making a game. The cost alone warrants a full price tag. It will have an all-new story, which involves development, voice talent, writing and so on. Then you have a new MP component that in case you're forgetting, cost nothing extra for gamers to play. These servers and such have to be maintained. The list goes on and on. Stick with BC2. No one will miss you. At all.

DeathProof3093d ago

I haven't heard anything about zombies, but the game does looks sweet, no doubt.

RXL3093d ago

and ill still be buying this game..because i still like having fun when playing video games

but that's just me

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