Top 5 Female Sidekicks

Check out our list of the top five female sidekicks of all time. From Half-Life to Resident Evil, these girls were hand picked for always being there when you need them.


Refer to Dragoon Magic > Dark Dragon

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Dr Face Doctor3037d ago

Why is Sheva ahead of Alyx? At least Alyx doesn't hog all my ammo.

NewNameNow3037d ago

There's plenty of ammo to go around.

ShadowRyuX3037d ago

and doesn't belong on the same list as Rose!

Galaxia3037d ago

Why is she on this list over characters like Elena Fisher, Meryl/Eva, Gaia or hell I'd rather Rebecca Chambers from RE1 over Sheva.

Sheva single handedly ruined RE5.

Immortal3213037d ago

I did not know yoshi was a female? I never really payed attention to the eggs she kept laying.

if anything i thought yoshi was a hermaphrodite.

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Connoro3037d ago

Yoshi's a girl? Then... what the hell is Birdo? I thought Birdo was like, a cross-dresser. How can a male Yoshi be even less masculine than a female one?

eggbert3037d ago

that described Birdo as being a girl. They included a vibrator in one of the Mario games, and it is one of Birdo's possessions. There was also some lesbianistic innuendo and whatnot, not sure where the article is though.

RedPawn3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Blaze from Streets of Rage
Maki King of Fighters
Mona Sax from Max Payne
Claire Redfield from Resident Evil
Chloe & Elana from Uncharted

Without Looking Yeah Midna was the Shit!

RedPawn3037d ago

I should of said Vice & Mature, those some bad B's

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