Will Cryengine 3 lead to over saturation of games?

With Cryengine 3 released now with amazing features evident such as Simultaneous WYSIWYP on all Platforms, can we expect a saturation of games soon?

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Pandamobile3037d ago

Hard to tell now considering there hasn't been a single game to launch on it yet...

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Bigpappy3037d ago

An engin cannot lead to over satuation of games. Shovel ware does that. That is a prolems caused by developers who are just trying to make a quick buck off of mini games. I don't see how that relates to CryE3.

Lich1203037d ago

Not to mention, if we're going off ease of acquisition then it seems like the release of the UDK would be a bigger cause for concern. But then again, if we're making the claim that high quality tools/engine being made more widely available to developers is a bad thing, then we might as well boycott indie devs.

kevnb3037d ago

it seems hundreds of games come out every year, but only about 10 of them are played.

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dizzleK3037d ago

as long as they're not all "shootan" games, more power to anyone who uses it.

Tony P3037d ago

How about WAY too early to tell?

Colonel-Killzone3037d ago

The unreal is pure trash in the ass. All because a lot of people use it don't mean its good.

Nihilism3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

B.S it is, it's one of the best engines around, you just haven't seen what it can do on PC.

Even ME2 on pc is not as good as UT3 graphically, the games that don't look good on it are a result of other programmers not making use of it or making sloppy games eg. ME1


From the article;

Their complaint is that an easy to use multiplat engine has finally been created, and so now they complain that we might get a lot of games using I'll be cheering if there is a bunch of CE3 games.

People seem to forget that Mirrors Edge and Arkham Asylum were using UT3, as well as ME2, all have very different art styles, an engine is only as limited as it's users, if the devs can't get great and varied games out of CE3 they need to call it a day

Colonel-Snake3037d ago

IDC what it can do on the pc honestly I really don't. I'm a console gamer not a pc gamer and I believe I make it very clear in all my previous post. I'm not gonna bash PC gaming thats not what I do but I will bash this garbage engine. And I already know all the disagrees I got are from PC fanboys not that I care. One of the best engine HA! That was a GOOD LOL!

Ravenor3037d ago

Colonel Snake, Ignorance and plugged ears doesn't make a valid argument. dchalfont's argument is sound, the engine does not make the game it also doesn't mean that a game will look similar to another just because the same engine is used.

UE3 is capable of a lot. You really have to turn up the ignorance to 11 if you're going to shun a game because of the engine it runs on...must be a console mentality. Who could love an engine that consistently has games running at 720P on a console? You like sub hd right?

likedamaster3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )


Don't mind mr colonel, he's a fanboy and rarely knows what he himself is talking about.

Games like Gears, Mass Effect, Mirror's Edge, Batman:AA, & Borderlands make his argument unfounded even on consoles. PC games, down to the iPhone using it shows just how versatile and scalable Unreal Engine 3 really is.

on topic/

Let's reserve judgement till we see some games using CE3, shall we? And like dchalfont said, it's up to the developers...

Proxy3037d ago

Don't developers that license these engines usually get the source code, so they can tweak and modify them to be literally anything?

Colonel-Killzone3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Fanboy because I dont like that engine lmfao you all sound so dumb its not even funny. Seriously if your gonna call me a fanboy dumbass tell me wtf im a fanboy of. OH yea I forgot your stupid ass can't. Nothing in my post says im a fanboy you like the other idiots just throw it out there without any evidence of it.

@likedamaster Next time retard find what I post to make me a fanboy.

@Ravenor OH yes my subhd gaming yes your the ignorant one bashing console games thinking your better with your pc. Dude I have a pc and if i wanted to I could game on it. I choose not to because I prefer the console. Your dumbass level is at a all time high of a million. And you say console fanboys is the worse when clearly evidence show 2 of you idiots who replied are the fanboys. But don't worry your idiot pc fanboys will disagree with me like you little kids can do. Oh yea i forgot the PC mentality of I'm better then all console gamers. I use my Pc for simply this the internet and doing my college assignments and thats its I have no other use for it. Oh yes I forgot im a console gamer We are all ignorant because we choose not to play pc with your perfect graphics and w.e else crap you wanna spew and even so end of the day nobody cares.

Future response to any idiots wanna throw the fanboy crap out there. When you accuse someone of being a fanboy please let it be known what they are being a fanboy of. For the people who isn't blind you can clearly see I did not bash the PC in any of my previous post but you got 2 Pc fanboys who bashed consoles and yet IM THE FANBOY lmao. Do we not see the irony in this ?

Lich1203037d ago

Fair enough colonel, you're not a fanboy, you're just ignorant (note: Im not using ignorant to mean stupid). Their are tons of great looking games for console on the unreal engine. Additionally, if you've worked with it and other comparable environments you would know theres a reason tons of people are using it. Some of the best games this generation run on it because its extremely versatile and comes with an amazing set of tools. Im not saying it doesn't have its faults, but I think you're boiling everything down to graphics when theres a ton more that goes into an engine than that.

Bolts3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

There is a grain of truth in Colonel Killzone's ignorance. While the average gaming PC can chew through most UE 3 games at over 100 FPS, consoles generally have a poor history with it. Particularly the PS 3.

"There's a ton of great looking games for console on the Unreal engine" Yeah, like what? Gears of War, Mass Effect 2 and Batman? 'Cause every other UE 3 engine games I know are generic looking turd with slow loading textures. I'm pretty sure that for every single good looking EU 3 engine game you can name I can name at least 2 more bad ones.

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TheIneffableBob3037d ago

Unreal Engine 3 is popular because it's easy to work with and has lots of support, so if you have a problem you can find a solution by asking the community/other developers. The tools are also not bad.

T9X693037d ago

I honestly don't care what engine a game is running on, as long as I'm having fun and its bad ass I'm good to go.

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