THQ uses Craigslist to look for E3 models

An ad on Craiglist is calling for models for a red carpet event on June 15, 2010. What makes us think the ad is posted by THQ you ask? Well for one, the party takes place during E3 in LA. Second, the event features a WWE videogame.

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Legosz3116d ago

I look for models on craigslist all the time...

Quagmire3116d ago

THQ shoulda used the Quaglist to find models for E3. The Q has the goods for you, giggidy gig!

thewhoopimen3116d ago

I have yet to even meet a model on Craigslist. And I'm sure i've tried longer than THQ haha ;)

Davoh3116d ago

whatever get's the job done, but be prepared for spam, fat chicks and men.

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DA_SHREDDER3116d ago

Hahaha, you guys are funny. Listen I just bought a washer and dryer, damn near brand new, using craglist. Different strokes for different folks.

DuneBuggy3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

I buy several cars a month I see on CL for my business.I Advertise on it too.
Is there alot of BS and scammers on CL? Yeah...But you just need to weed through it and learn how to spot em.

MrKLM3116d ago

There is nothing wrong with this. Event staffing companies do the same thing. I worked for one over the weekend and happened to look on the local craigslist and they had a listing for the same job I worked.

Blaze9293116d ago

Something about that just struck me as really...'wrong' for some reason. Maybe it's just this entire ad list but wow, is this still how we treat women in 2010? It seems so...wrong? Go get some damn real jobs...and education and contribute something more than just plastic body parts and looks.

as Nostradavis pointed out here:

I think it's the use of Craigslist that is just really...sad.

gta28003116d ago

I bought my 60GB PS3 from Craigslist back in August of 07! Brad new. That's the only thing I've ever bought from CL. That 60GB died but I got a new slim scheduled to be delivered tomorrow! can't wait!

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The story is too old to be commented.