Ten games to keep gamers busy this summer

With Memorial Day comes the unofficial start of summer. The Game Guys have suggestions of some of the best video game summer releases to beat the heat with.

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Rumor3058d ago (Edited 3058d ago )

its rdr, ff13(still havent beat it yet), god of war 3(second playthrough), infamous is still brand new glaring at me with fiery eyes wondering why its bluray disk hasnt hit the drive yet, and uncharted 2( still love that game; been playin it since december!)

-Alpha3058d ago (Edited 3058d ago )

I've heavily been playing UC2 MP and I think it's going to be a big game for my Summer. I just can't seem to retire that game into my shelf. Fantastic and underrated multiplayer, despite the patch that screwed around with the core gameplay.

I've been wanting inFamous for such a long time now. I will likely pick it up for the summer.

For me my summer will consist of Halo 3, UC2, hopefully inFamous, hopefully Mod Nation Racers, and I'll finally beat Demon's Souls. Been meaning to start growing my 360 library which means I'm eying Viva Pinata (yes, Viva Pinata), and/or Gears of War.

Faztkiller3058d ago

What have u been waiting for get InFamous as soon as Possible

Blaze9293058d ago

One thing I love about picking up old games is how cheap they become. This summer I got plenty to keep me occupied. Just picked up inFAMOUS and loving it. Got Red Dead Redemption, Alan Wake, Borderlands, Final Fantasy 13, Blur, aaaand after those I think I'm done - with the back pile I let grow.

Faztkiller3058d ago

ModNation Racers, Blur, Split/Second, and Joe danger will keep me busy for awhile

jessupj3058d ago

Wow, not a single game on that list even remotely interests me. (I don't have a high end pc or a psp so I can't play StarCraft II or Peace Walker)

After I finally get my copy of RDR from the f*cking slow ass piece of sh*t US post office I'll be playing that game night and day.

Faztkiller3058d ago

When and Who'd you order it from?

Irnbruguy3058d ago

I'm with you.. none of them interest me..

I played the green day rockband demo.. its not something i'd go and buy.

Starcraft II.. never been a fan.

Peace Walker.. i've got a PSP.. but its hacked..and i hardly use it.

RememberThe3573058d ago

I'm not even a PC game I'm I'm probably going to get into SC2. Star Craft was really the first game I got into and it was the game that got me into gaming in general. I'm just not comfortable giving Acti my money, so I'll just wait and see.

despair3058d ago

would consider SC2 since i'm a huge fan of the first one(who isn't?) But no LAN support does make me reconsider somewhat, I mean LAN parties are a big part of SC for me and having to connect to the very unreliable Battlenet every time just to play with some people sitting in the same room is ridiculous to me. This is one game i hope the hackers bring out a LAN crack, then I would buy it.

SactoGamer3057d ago

LAN parties is the only reason I still have Starcraft installed.

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