"With E3 just around the corner and the rumor mill churning even harder than it usually does, there’s one bit of news that troubles me more than most. Allegedly, Sony plans to release the successor to the PSP and have it compete with the IPhone and the IPad in the mobile gaming/cell phone market. Apparently Sony decided that the IPhone has been successful as a mobile gaming platform/cell phone hybrid, so they will once again attempt to emulate another companies success years after the install base has grown to a level where it’s almost pointless..."

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dizzleK3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

i notice no critique of natal in this article, only that move is a "probable failure" and sony's dabbling in 3D and motion controls and 3D are activator and virtual boy rip offs.

heres the activator-

sure as shit doesn't look like the move does it? looks familiar though doesn't it? the virtual boy was a failure all the way around but the article doesn't question why nintendo is dipping into the 3D well again. the article doesn't question why ms is copying the failure of the activator or the eye toy. nope, it's just sony thats unoriginal.

i know i'm focusing on minor stuff but this is just an ms and nintendo literary knob job. i don't care if sony imitates, they bring me quality and utilize the technology properly.move will be better than the wii and natal, thats just a fact. 3D will certainly be better than the virtual boy. fact. thats good enough for me.

Conloles3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

For the millionth time Sony will NOT release a phone console. They're implementing Android and WM on their phones now and on top of that these iPhone games can never be as good as portables due to their on screen controls.

And what the hell does Natal have to do with this?

polestar43038d ago

Sony has bin breaking ground in a lot of different places. It only dos every thing.The person that wrote this article has not spinet any time with a ps3.

The Tingler3038d ago

Wow, you're such a Sony fanboy you actually quote their slogans as fact.

Will it play all my PS2 games? Run Linux? Play Super Mario Galaxy 2? Make me breakfast in the morning? Give me a blowjob? No? Then it doesn't do everything.

polestar43037d ago

i love games not consoles i have a ds a 360 ps3 psp give me a break it was a bad article.

Anorexorcist3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

"Will it...Give me a blowjob? No?"

Well the PS3 surely can't get a stupid unfunny little pinko like you laid, so yeah I guess it doesn't do everything. It isn't a miracle worker.

"Will it...make me breakfast in the morning?"

Why not just go the extra mile and request a daily a$$-wiping from the PS3? With a future firmware update it might even warm your baba for you at night before bedtime.

Silly gameAr3037d ago

I think you're the one taking the slogan to seriously. :/

The Tingler3038d ago

The main thing I'm worried about is if Sony announce a PSP2 as rumored. I think it's much too soon for that, and it very probably won't be backwards compatible with PSP games (at least UMDs anyway). I've only really just got a PSP and I love it, so a full PSP2 is a big no-no for me.

However if they do an iPhone-like device, just more focused on better gaming, I'm cool with that.

extermin8or3037d ago

if its an iphone like device its no longer a gaming platform in my eyes and it will cost a fortune! also the things been around 5 years if yu only just got one then what you mean is that the psp2 is to soon for you personally to buy it, all we now s that after the pspgo's flop if sony dont do some thing mayjor the psp is dead!

GUCommander3037d ago

I completely agree. Very well said.

Apolloeye3037d ago

The author needs to chill out a bit, so much negativity.

Blaze9293037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

I think if they have those rumored specs and make it a phone as well with andriod OS then bring on the PSP2. With HTC phones averaging around $400, a $200-$400 PSP phone to that degree would not be too bad at all.

BUT if it's just regular gaming handheld again then it seems Sony still doesn't get it. It's not the hardware that needs to change - it's the service and options that need to come along with it.

With 'apps' seeming to be all the rage now, that was what, to my understanding, the PSP Go was 'supposed' to be all about. What happened to that? It has that one clock app and I think that's it. There are even PSP SDKs yet we're seeing nothing.

The PSP PSn store needs a complete revamp too.

Get android OS and that's most of their problems solved for them...of course that just means it'll be easy as hell to hack though.

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