6.0 Alpha Protocol Review "For all its faults Alpha Protocol features one of the best dialogue systems seen in an RPG for a long time. It helps to keep things extremely fresh and certainly makes the whole story-aspect of the game feel much more engaging. However, for all the good this brings, Alpha Protocol is severely let down by the game's other major aspect, the gameplay. It really is one of those games where you're left thinking, what if? Alpha Protocol surely didn't necessarily plan out how Obsidian wanted it to, but there were some amazing ideas present amongst all the bad ones. Hopefully they'll be able to make a sequel and really sort out those areas, because the concept has some serious potential if done correctly."

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Selyah3119d ago

The dialogue stuff seems really cool, shame it actually seems a bit of a let down in every other respect though.

mephman3119d ago

Yea, they really dropped the bomb on the gameplay.

JDouglasGU3119d ago

yea i've heard the story and dialogue are pretty good, but the gameplay is awful which Darryl seems to confirm. Real shame, hopefully Obsidian does better on New Vegas.