GamersCast Podcast- Editorial: E3 Predictions Part 2: Sony

Adam Shear of GamersCast Podcast give his predictions as to what Sony will show off at their E3 2010 press conference on June 15.

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danthegardner3067d ago

The Last Guardian gameplay would make it a great e3

villevalorox3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

I think there would be a big mess if that happened... A lot of people would cream themselves. lol I would love to see a gameplay demo of TLG..

DA_SHREDDER3066d ago

whatever happened to Wardevil? Is it still ps3 exclusive or what?

villevalorox3066d ago

oh wow, i forgot all about that game lol. it was canceled right?


''They have already announced that for $99 you get a starter kit which comes with the Playstation Eye camera, a Move controller, and a game. I believe there will be multiple starter kits featuring many different games.''

I hope a good game included in the Bundle.

cLiCK_sLiCK93066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Im willing to bet its a Wii Sports done better version.

thehitman3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Sony is selling the Move AND the eyetoy AND a game for 99 dollars. Natal itself is reportedly 150 dollars. MS will fail on epic proportions if its anything above 60 dollars. Any person who comes to buy either natal or move will be like wait Sony comes with same camera as MS plus the wii type control why would I want natal for 150 dollars extra.

brew3066d ago

Even if NATAL is $150 , it is multiplayer out of the box at least. With Move , you'll need another Move controller to play with a friend or family member with some games , and a nunchuck for Socom 4 type games.

raztad3066d ago


That may be true, yet nobody knows if Natal can be remotely used (standalone) for shooters or non-casual games. EYETOY is potentially a casual multiplayer "controller" as well, look at EYEPET.

Move controller at DS3 price = win.

palaeomerus3066d ago

Nobody cared about Eyepet.

3067d ago
Brklynty13066d ago

Im mainly looking for a 2 Move bundle, already got the PS Eye

palaeomerus3066d ago

Yep two moves and a navigator. Hopefully for less than $60.

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