Gordon Freeman Is Empire's Greatest Video Game Character

Irish Gaming Site writes

"Gordon Freeman is the greatest video game character ever…….at least that’s what Empire thinks as they have just published their list of 50 Greatest Video Game characters. Mr. Freeman takes the plaudits away from ‘best character’ stalwarts like Mario, Link and Sonic in a poll that is sure to get you all talking and debating."

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despair3038d ago

yea he's up there the silent,crowbar wielding badass

Greywulf3038d ago

Never wanted to get up while playing.

narked3038d ago

shame we're still waiting on more :(

ShinMaster3038d ago

But Gordon Freeman is barely a character. Without the ability to speak and express emotions...and character.

Eamon3038d ago

ShinGino, if you ever played the games properly, you'd realise that Valve's intention was to get the player fully immersed in the game. To make YOU Gordon Freeman. So every emotion you felt when playing the game is basically what Gordon Freeman felt.

That's the genius behind making a silent protagonist.

ShinMaster3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

I understand that, I've played several games with silent characters before. But that's not what makes a character great. I was the one expressing anything and not the character itself.

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HolyOrangeCows3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Gordon's response: "________________________ "

He's barely even a character. He's more or less expressed through other characters. He's in awesome games, but I'm sick of all of the praise that he gets as a supposed character.

Conloles3038d ago Show
despair3038d ago

trust me you save the earth from an inter dimensional alien race bent on human domination when you're just a theoretical physicist that can't speak and carries a crowbar, people will call you great.

HolyOrangeCows3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

"hes not on PS3"
You're trying too hard, troll.
(The Ps3 port may not be as good as the 360 one (the one I own), but still you're trying to troll so hard has you completely off base yet again)

Secondly, as much as I liked Killzone 2 for its AI and challenge, I certainly didn't like its characters.

PS. Zero Punctuation is awesome. Thus you shouldn't have a ZP avatar.

mal_tez923038d ago

How can we say he's the best when we know nothing about him?

He doesn't say anything the whole time and so we don't know anything about him.

I can't honestly say there is much I know about him, other than that he is a scientist.

Wew learn about characters by what they say (Gordon gets zero points here), how they look (again, apart from box art, nothing), how they act (no points here, apart from crobars) and what others say about him (here is the only stuff we know)

I can think of many others characters who I like more.

Consoldtobots3038d ago

personally I think that whole "gordonnnn freemaaaan is that you" was way overdone and cheesy once you got far enough into the game. Story is overrated IMO.

Studio-YaMi3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

my "whole life" (see what I did their :p)
so I actually don't care about Gordon Freeman(Morgan Freeman ??) that much..

My personal Top character would be him :(see links)

you really can't top that...seriously ?
ohh btw..after reading this....YOU'RE DEAD IN THREE SECONDS ! :D

Timesplitter143038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

back in the days when Japan did manly things

I swear I grew a third ball after watching The Fist of the North Star movie

Studio-YaMi3038d ago

Very true my friend..
a bubble of "well said" to you :) !

FFXNo13038d ago

Amen to that, who can forget Hakuto No Ken

"You are shocked"

"You are already dead"

Timesplitter143038d ago

Gordon Freeman is more of a character concept than a character. He doesn't actually have psychological characteristics.

Eh... I like him anyway

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