Top 6 best PlayStation 3 games

Games are no longer a "kids thing". Games cost millions to make, move more money than the film industry and have large marketing campaigns worthy of any Hollywood production.

Games are "cool" and "trendy" now. So, what should you do to enter this fascinating world?

Objectively speaking, a PS3 is the best choice for any adult who wants to start with this hobby, because it combines a high quality Blu-Ray player with a very powerful graphics card, which allows for some really awe-inspiring games.

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SupeerSteebbi3038d ago

Argh! I just hate when people write "Playstation"! It's PlayStation! Anyways it's a fine list here.

Pillville3038d ago

Yes, it's a good example of CamelCase, PlayStation is even used as an example on Wikipedia.

Danteh3037d ago

Ok guys, I fixed the tags and put it in the "article" section

Is it ready to be aproved now?

Conloles3036d ago

Pfft Uncharted 1 is better than Killzone 2.

xabmol3036d ago

UC1 is better! TPS > FPS

Plus UC1 had a great story.

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Cyrax_873036d ago

...but that list is damn near perfect. Six of the biggest games exclusive to the PS3, and all different genres.

Uncharted 2 - TPS/Platformer/Adventure
MGS4 - TPS/Stealth
Demon's Souls - Action RPG
LittleBigPlanet - Platformer/Creator
God of War 3 - Hack 'n' Slash
Killzone 2 - FPS

Just needs some GT5 now =)

Keltik823036d ago

You could seriously not be any more correct. An extremely strong line up! I loved everyone one of those games, but....I never played Demon's Souls. I hear so many good things about it, I need to play it ASAP! /runs to store.

villevalorox3036d ago

Demon's souls
Killzone 2
resistance 1
uncharted 1-2
heavy rain

them have to be my top 6.. But i mean 6 is not enough.. you still have Ratchet, GT, TLG, LBP, and hellz lots more :D i mean 6 is just not enough!!!! God I love Playstation, I knew I made the right choice :D

Downtown boogey3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Great list, except for KZ2. R2, inFamous and Heavy Rain are better.

sikbeta3036d ago

BOO!!! article BOO!!!

Only six? Need moar...


NecrumSlavery3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Pixeljunk Shooter
Heavenly Sword
3D Dot Game Heroes
Heavy Rain

Everyone a phenomenon..!!!

NYPunk883036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

OCD lol


Great list of games, enjoyed playing all of them def worth the bills * dry humps the sh*t out of his PS3* XD

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Chapulin3038d ago

could not come up with a better one.

Ilikegames763037d ago

going to get bigger in a few months. GT5 is my most anticipated game.

mal_tez923036d ago

I'd put Uncharted 1 instead of GOW 3. I'm not a fan of hack n' slash

Areeb113036d ago

oh whats that? youre not a fan of awesome? thats ok i guess :P
but jokes aside dude i think god of war 3 is too big for number 2, its number 1 material :D hell this is all subjective...

Quagmire3037d ago

Needs moar Pièce de résistance

Studio-YaMi3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

But I would add a little RPG to it (not demon's souls) ?
mmm,maybe a little White Knight Chronicles ?
or the even better Valkyria Chronicles ?

Just to spice up your list :3 ~
(ohh and 3D Dot Game) <--- what am playing mostly

villevalorox3036d ago

hey how is 3d dot game? I know it's from Fromsoftware and Atlus who did Demon's souls! (orgasmic game) is it really really good?

Studio-YaMi3036d ago

I had that feeling when I played games before (in the early 90's) because they were "fun" !
no leveling up or giving you chores you don't wanna have just to get a little ahead !

It's your basic hero saves the world kind of game with a retro twist to it ! much like Legend of Zelda since this game is a parody to it and to retro RPGs in general.

Getting money in this game is also easy since you can fight every enemy boss in the game again and again even when you have just defeated it !

You can make your own character (using pixel blocks)
and you can even create the way he attacks and moves :D !

I made a green penguin xD !
it's so much fun really,you can be creative,although there is a limit to the size (but still good all in all)

if you love having a good time in a game and you happen to love an RPG that doesn't take itself seriously,then 3D Dot Game is for you :3 !

hope I helped

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