Pokemon SoulSilver/HeartGold Review - Meodia

Meodia writes: "One of the best Pokemon game in the series, which is saying a lot because the series has many quality titles under it's belt."

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Meodia_Art3121d ago

Too high of a score IMO.

LtSkittles3121d ago

I think it's a solid game. 16 Badges,two different regions, takes stuff from gen 2, and 4, not sure if there is any gen 3, (but probably), and has pokethlon.

mrv3213121d ago

In your opinion his opinion is too high of this game? Here my opinion you should let people enjoy the games they enjoy.

It's pokemon a great RPG... with a open world done correctly on portable consoles. Besides we all know the you played pokemon and enjoyed it.

Meodia_Art3121d ago

First of all, the reviewer is a woman. Second of all, I said in my opinion, I believe that this game is overated. I used to be a die hard pokemon fan in the Red/Blue days but now they're just milking the series.

NewNameNow3121d ago

dont be a twat he was just saying what he thinks

Crusade3121d ago

Gold/Silver/Crystal are the best pokemon games so a DS remake was expected to be in demand. I don't have a DS though, I'll have to get one eventually.

SpLinT3121d ago

@meodia . Well Blue/Red was great but Silver/Gold were AMAZING. The rest from there , never got into. But gold/silver werent milking anything

coojo3121d ago

love this game deserves a 10 imo

Smokeyy903121d ago

Eh kind of high, but people love it so hey the score shouldn't matter amirite?