Hardcore Gamer: Alpha Protocol Review

From the men and women who brought you Knights of the Old Republic II and Neverwinter Nights II comes something a bit in between. Not so much fantasy and not so much sci-fi, we are left with a modern day spy adventure full of mystery and intrigue. Doing what Obsidian Entertainment does best, we are given a role playing game with hordes of branches that are heavily driven based on your actions. You play as Michael Thorton, a new recruit for Alpha Protocol, a secret organization working from the shadows in preventing global terror. What kind of spy you become is determined by your actions. Will you be the suave Bond, the aggressive Bauer or the professional Bourne? With so much potential behind the name, will Alpha Protocol be the shining example of the RPG genre or just another action game to throw in the wind?

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Umbrella Corp3038d ago

This was an unexpected gem,will enjoy mutilating this over the summer.

cayal3038d ago

I am very eager to get this. Huge spy fan (love Ludlum books) so the idea of it is appealing but I need to finish other games (RDR and Bioshock 2) before I get it.

morganfell3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

More of a Le Carre fan - The Night Manager is excellent - but picking this up tomorrow regardless since this game has the flavor of the excellent Vince Flynn works that I also enjoy.

cayal3037d ago

I've only read one of Flynn's works, I thought it was ok. I have another in line to read, need to get a feel for his work.

Right now I am reading the Prometheus Deception by Ludlum.

Dorfdad3037d ago

No way am I getting this, when one of your staff goes out and bad mouths the game Im not paying for it..

Sorry might grab it when the bargin bin shows up..

Elven63037d ago

Yes because everyone on the internet is really who they say they are. The game is what it is, but I would never put so much credence into some random internet comment.

Dorfdad3037d ago

its from someone on the development team.. It's not some random guy lol...If the developer isn't satisfied with the game than I sure they hell won't be..

Elven63037d ago

RE: Yes because everyone on the internet is really who they say they are.

I'm from the Alpha Protocol development team and I know for a fact that the commenter in question never set foot in our studio.


cayal3037d ago

Kojima is never satisfied with his work..

worm20103037d ago

got this game, its pretty good its just a shame the graphics aren't that great.

kornbeaner3037d ago

is it as bad as the negative reviews make it out to be?

jaymacx3037d ago

its better than what most reviews have said. The game does have flaws, but the game is still fun to play. I would give it a 7.8 out of 10. but if those flaws weren't there it would probably be one of the sleeper hits of the month. I hope this game gets decent sales.

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