8.0 Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake Review "Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake may be a port from its PS3 version, but it certainly doesn't leave out any of the icing. In fact, Titan Studios have gone as far as adding new maps, game modes and even "33% more internet memes." The game is clearly all about the fun and excitement of working together. With tight controls, giddy music and a comical aesthetic, plenty of praise can be imparted to the game, but one thing that covers it all is that Fistful of Cake is simply fun."

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Selyah3038d ago

Played the psn version already don't really see much reason to get into it again.

mephman3038d ago

Yea, it does seem that way. Still worth it if you don't own the PSN version though.