ResumePlay Review: Split/Second (360)

Resumeplay writes, "There’s nothing like flying down an airplane runway at top speed, nothing but open air in the way, when suddenly an explosion tears through the sound of whining engines and a full-size passenger airplane comes careening out of control toward you at an equally ridiculous speed. Welcome to Split/Second, where between planes, boats, helicopter, trucks, and anything else that can explode, you’re bound to hit a wall at breakneck speed."

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mau643120d ago

I wonder what will top the NPD's this month... Split Second or Blur. I think it will be Blur because it seems to have more marketing than this game.

VenerableBmoney3119d ago

At first, I thought it would be this. But now that I see how quickly this game got stale (even though it's REALLY cool at first) I do think Blur will do better.

SKGamer3117d ago

But I have been really really pleased with Blur, so I hope it does well. This game is so well put together and seems so polished, and the replay value is really high.

It's too bad there isn't more depth to Split/Second, the idea and execution look fantastic.

It also sucks that these came out at the same time, I wish one had come out last fall when I was getting sick of waiting for a decent street racer.

rogue06743119d ago

I liked how Split Second looked but I think I'll go with Blur.
Nice review, btw.

SKGamer3117d ago

Split/Second had me more excited over the past year, by a long shot. I didn't expect to even give Blur a try...

But then I played the Blur beta, and the Split/Second demo. Was really really impressed with Blur, which seemed like an actual next-gen Mario-Kart-esque street racer. Went with Blur myself.

Although I might still give this a try somewhere down the line.