So is There a New Twisted Metal, or Not?

FileFront: The rumors are flying back and forth, and no one knows what is or isn’t true. Is there a new Twisted Metal in the works? If so, is David Jaffe working on it? The story has gotten so convoluted that you need a program just to figure out who’s playing these days

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playstation_clan3090d ago

but there are articles everyday about this

Dragun6193090d ago

Maybe another Sony studio decided to develop a Twisted Metal PS3.
LightBox Interactive? (Jaffes former team + Incognito). They could be making a twisted metal game but I think there busy making Starhawk.

Giant_Chibi3090d ago

Anybody that has played twisted metal head on for the ps2 already knows the answer.

It's been confirmed for awhile now, twisted metal is definitely coming to ps3.

blitz06233090d ago

Why can't everyone just wait for E3? Sheesh

Giant_Chibi3090d ago

I personally don't mind the speculation. The comment system is intended for people to speak their minds, so why not let them?

Cheeseknight283090d ago

Yeah seriously.

Just wait until E3 people. It's not that far off.

Corrected3090d ago

that's really all we can do.

theunleashed643090d ago

i belive that there is a twisted metal in development for ps3 by one of sony's first party developers while jaffe is working on a new ip i mean it would have to
be why was that code put there in tm: head on?

HyperBear3090d ago

I agree. I believe that if Jaffe was seriously working on a Twisted Metal for PS3, he would have at least mentioned it by now, instead of being secret about it, because that is his game that he created. I know that if I made a sequel for a game that I originally created, I would have told people about it by now. And I do believe there is a Sony first party studio working on it (with Jaffes supervision and support), while Jaffe's studio, Eat.Sleep.Play work on a completely new IP (like hes said a million times already).

However, that GT Bonus Round last week with Pachter when he said "Twisted Metal 2" and then Geoff Keighly quickly snapped and said "well, we dont know what its called" and the guys kinda starred down pachter for saying that...that might lead to something fishy though, I just can't wrap my head around that one.

JoySticksFTW3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

Remember when 989 (I think...) studio took over TM? 3 and 4 ended up sucking

The driving physics were all wrong. The change was jarring like GTAIV's was.

It didn't get good again until TM:Black

tdogchristy903090d ago

it's like bigfoot, on one hand they flat out say it doesn't exist, on the other there is all this evidence and hinting. I would have to say there is a twisted metal floating out their somewhere.

the-show-stopper3090d ago

maybe not a twisted metal per se but possibly something like it

Hellsvacancy3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

Its a god given that theres a new Twisted Metal in the works, just like HitMan V, bit of a no brainer that its in development, us mofos just need 2 b patient

phantomexe3090d ago

don't sound good but i hope so

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The story is too old to be commented.