TwistDock for the PS3, Adds more USB Ports and Keeps Things Neat

ChipChick: TwistDock is the perfect accessory for any PS3 owner. It is currently preparing to launch in the U.S. ( it already has in Europe) during E3. The TwistDock docks your PS3, organizes and keeps your gaming area neat, it easily connects all cables – including HDMI port to TV, and charges controllers for continuous play. There are also 4 additional USB ports for connecting more peripherals and 2 USB charging ports. The TwistDock retails for € 79,99 ($98.40). Unfortunately there is no word yet on what the official US price will be.

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Hellsvacancy3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

So this is what this is

Hmmm, not what i was expectin, looks groovy though

LtSkittles3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

after it turns into a centipede, or whatever there's a screen with the same thing.

@PSClan I have two, but only really use one at time. I only really need two, anyways, I mean I have one controller, a PSP, and a usb stick, but don;t need them all at once.

Comet3038d ago

Wasn't expecting anything other than a dock... that well..., twists.

BigPenguin3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Thanks for posting the video.

"I can put my controllers in it, and while they are being charged they are not being touched by anything. That means I can stay 100% accurate throughout the whole game" The fuck does that mean?????

Why did they show that guy using an ipad at the end, next to a controller. What the hell was that???? That ad made no sense at all. I feel like I am taking crazy pills!!!

EDIT: I re-read my post, I don't mean to sound sarcastic sltPoisen, I really thank you. Even though I think the video was insane, if it was not for you posting it I would not have gotten to see it.

BannedForNineYears3038d ago

[email protected] video.
Agreed BigPenguin.....Don't know what they were smoking when they were making that.

kunit22c3038d ago

Got a question, do the Controllers charge when sitting on the back of the Twist Dock??

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yoshiro3038d ago

looks very cool...i might buy one...

Davoh3038d ago

Yeah it looks awesome I might get one. Even though I have a PS3 with 4 usb ports already, you can never have enough ports =)

DarkSpawnClone3038d ago

LOL ewwww any one ever see that nasty human centipede movie? lol this looks cool tho but wont work with my tv stands (i have 2 ps3's , one is the 250gb slim)

Crazyglues3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

for $200 bucks I can get a whole stand for my Plasma with glass self's that will fit the PS3 & my Plasma just fine... Link -

They got to be kidding me... and for 5.99 you can buy a usb extender thing that turns the one usb into 4...

That PS3 stand is just way, way over priced.

Hideo_Kojima3038d ago

I got this for £10

It gives me an extra USB port and lights up.
It even has the exact same finish as the PS3 so it looks as if it is one part.

One of my friends thought I had modded it :P

DarkSpawnClone3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Dude thats the same TV stand i have my Panasonic plasma tv on LOL!! good choice in stands dude!!,that stand is awesome! lmao are you stalking me >___>.(JK)but seriously i have the same set up lol

jack_burt0n3038d ago


that looks great what is the name of the lit blue dock?


N4BmpS3038d ago

I am kind of a neat freak with my gaming area I don't know if or when this will come out for NA

Bolts3038d ago

So it turns my PS3 into an insect like creature?? Not interested. That is unless this robo-insect can reduce my carbon foot print by feasting on human blood instead of using electricity.

karan86243038d ago

That video was trippy as fuck

catguykyou3038d ago

OK, this is retarded. The dock is kinda useful but that's not what is so retarded. WHY is this one of the top stories? There are hundreds of console accessories that come out every year and none of those are top stories. This isn't either. I just don't understand why.

FamilyGuy3037d ago

Two weird commercials, at least they're consistent with not making sense...

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3038d ago
krisq3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

I always wondered why there is no USB ports on the back?
Is it compatible with phat ps3?
And this angled position, won't this throw bd-drive off balance?

wicko3038d ago

Nope I've opened up one of the drives before to recover a disk, it is pretty solid in there. It's not like a regular disk tray.

rob60213038d ago

I really think Sony should add one port on the back now with Move coming out, I'm sure most would prefer not to have to wrap the cord around for the pseye.

wicko3038d ago

"The TwistDock retails for €79,99 ($98.40). Unfortunately there is no word yet on what the official US price will be."

Umm.. that's quite expensive for a powered USB dock.

Theonik3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

There have been tons of things like this. Hell i have one on my 80Gb that adds Memory Card readers and 3 extra USBs (snaps at the front)
Another one I've seen is this (Pictured)
If the pricing on this is correct this is a massive rip-off.
@Wicko, yeah you're right. I saw a video of the drive working with a transparent casemod. Very cool drive it is.

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