The Darkside of the Industry: Attending E3 2010

On the outside to many people, working within and/or around the videogame industry can seem to be one of the greatest joys in the world. The mere thought of working with or around videogames can seem pleasing to many and in most many occasions, that can be true. However, like all industries, it is not has glorious as it sounds....

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FanboyAttack3038d ago

You sound like you have the right attitude about it. I'm sure if you are knocking on the door and acting like a professional they'll slip you in. The microsoft conference will have space you should just go Mission Impossible style.

GameZenith3038d ago

Thanks and like I said, being admitted to E3 and only being live for around 3 months now is just a great honor in itself. If this was my 3rd year with this site, then I would be in panic mode but I havent even been out a full 3 months so I should be appreciative with what I have so far.

You just have to make due with what you have and thats what I'm going to do. Thanks for reading the article.

N4GAddict3038d ago

Sounds like a tough job

Nike3038d ago

Very well written. Usually we don't get many first hand experiences of what journalists have to go through to get to E3 (maybe they don't want to upset their "benefactors"?) so it was great seeing how you outlined how it actually pans out. Wish you good luck for E3 - and hey, Bethesda, Sony and Star Wars: The Old Republic? For some one who's been in this for 3 months, that's a pretty damn good start. :)

GameZenith3038d ago

That is exactly what I want to accomplish with GameZenith. I want to talk about topics that aren't generally talked about by media. Yes, all the websites talk their E3 predictions and how great they are going to cover the show, but they do not show the nitty and gritty aspects to it. I plan on doing one more article like this before the show starts and even 2-3 more after the show that talks about what went on.

I do not want to discuss the topics that are always discussed, I want to talk about what never gets talked about.

Thanks for reading and please subscribe to the RSS, Facebook, or Twitter to stay updated.

kooleybear3037d ago

I got denied to go to E3 because im 17 and that i run, but i enjoyed reading your article and got some insight on how you had to make appointments ahead of time to play the game. Kudos on your site and going about E3 with a positive attitude, nobody likes a up-tight nerdy journalist who lies in his writing just to please his advertisers,sponsors,and audience. Im stoked on you for being plain out honest ,and I look forward to what GZ puts out.

GameZenith3036d ago

Thank you for your support kooleybear. I'm still in the process of setting up appointments and I just got confirmed to a booth appointment with Square-Enix and I'm currently trying to get into the Bethesda booth so the work still continues but I'm going to keep my head up.

As for you going to E3, don't worry about it, believe me, they won't let ANYONE in that is under 18 but you still have next year. Also, there is PAX 2010 in Seattle this year and I believe you don't have to be 18 to get into that so you could try that out. I'm going to apply for that as well to see how that goes.