The A-Z of Wrestling games

Pro Wrestling has enjoyed decades of popularity, be it for the fascinating feuds, athletic prowess or buckets of blood. Legends, lucha, Japanese, pro Western, hardcore and even text-based wrestling games have spanned arcades, portable and home consoles for years with varying companies and results. Hugely popular franchises, fan-favourite imports and botched flops have given a huge variety of games and stories, so here is a complete A-Z guide to pro wrestling games…

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koehler832729d ago

With every passing day, the UFC becomes more and more like WWE. It's just an entertainment business.

Krimmson2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Seeing little kids play with Rampage Jackson and Chuck Liddell action figures is kinda weird in my opinion.

... Were there ever any Muhammad Ali action figures?

BetaChris2729d ago

That's a pretty comprehensive list you've got there. Any chance of an A-Z of Boxing games as a followup?

retrozoid2729d ago

fantastic article and my favourite WWF game was Attitude!!

Mike Bell2729d ago

I've always wished I could enjoy wrestling and/or fighting games but the appeal was never there for me - they soon get old.

Drjft2729d ago

Which is no different to any other game? Rehashed ideas with a new cover image and fancy graphics.

KieranD2729d ago

Not quite, sports games (like wrestling) are set in the rules of the game. You can do all kinds of things with an FPS or a puzzle game or whatever, but a wrestling game is always wrestling. Essentially, they have the same rules every time, and can't really innovate beyond increased realism.

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The story is too old to be commented.