Virgin Gaming Uncovered - challenge 360/PS3 gamers online for cash prizes

MaxConsole can sensationally reveal exactly what the highly anticiapted "Virgin Gaming" from Richard Branson is following some smart investigative work! This new service from Virgin will be run by Entertaintment Tech based in Toronto who operate '', an online service in which PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers can compete with each other and in online tournaments to win cash prizes. Want to know how MaxConsole know? Well find out inside when MaxConsole reveal all!

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Tommykrem3116d ago

Well, we never needed a 4th console on the market, so I suppose this is good. To some extent.

Godmars2903116d ago

By the sound of it Virgin is trying to link two, not make another. Which could lead the way to them making their own.

Brklynty13116d ago

Well Virgin has the money to compete, how they use it will determine the factor though.

talltony3116d ago

This is basically gambling for gamers and I know I will be happy to take some rich kids money.

kneon3116d ago

This fits in perfectly with the ModNation racers tournament

So that's all there is to it, nothing to see here, no new console, no new developer.

Xpandemic3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

This sounds AWESOME, IMO I think Xbox 360 owners have a better chance because the controller is more comfortable.

talltony3116d ago

IMO I think ps3 owners have the advantage because the joysticks have less deadzone.

ChronoJoe3116d ago

Yup, it may be less comfortable but the peak performance of a PS3 controller user will be notably higher than that of a 360 user with the lower deadzone on the analoge sticks providing potentially higher levels of precision. (as in, in the right hands).

Then again the aim assist on most 360 games seems higher, or at least the highs deadzones let you fall into the assists more easily. So that may have an effect too.

I know on Call of Duty 360, it's much easier to physically feel when the aim assist kicks in that it is on my PS3 version.

The Maxx3115d ago

LOL "Deadzones" what a load of BS. Doesn't seem to effect the players of MLG. First time I have ever heard of these "Deadzones". I wonder why none of the MLG players that make thousands of dollars playing as a career have ever complained of these "Deadzones"...LOL. I have never felt a "Deadzone" yet on my controllers.

LOL "Deadzones". You fanboys will make anything up.

talltony3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Xpandemics comment on the more comfortable controller. Lol And it is a fact that te dualshock joysticks are more responsive, you cannot even debate that but still you will prolly find a way.

"In conclusion, if two gamers with fast reflexes, one with an Xbox 360 controller and the other with a PS3 controller played against each other, more then likely the PS3 gamer would out-twitch the Xbox 360 gamer in pure response time."

The Maxx3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

I noticed you chose to over look:

"However, there is a price for a smaller dead zone. Controllers can malfunction more easily because wear and tear eats away at the analog stick’s rest position. After a few years the analog stick may not sit dead center, causing the on screen reticule to move by itself. I have experienced this on several occasions with the DS2. Since the Xbox 360’s analog sticks have a larger dead zone it takes more wear and tear for this to happen."

"Also, another price you pay for a smaller dead zone is it may be harder to use the PS3’s analog stick to aim for gamers who have slower reflexes."

So I would rather have my "slightly" larger dead zone over a dead controller where the reticle doesn't sit where it is suppose to rest and just leans to the side.

But thanks for the link.

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