Rumour: Devil May Cry 5 Isn't On Capcom's 2-Year Schedule

Rumours of Devil May Cry 5 have, well, been around for a while now, and it did look like it was just a matter of time until we see an announcement. However, the latest issue of PSM3 are reporting that despite the game being in development, it isn’t on publisher Capcom’s two-year release schedule.

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PhilipLarkin2751d ago

This better be wrong...=/

mjolliffe2751d ago

I hope so too! I was hoping for a nice big teaser trailer at E3, with release later this year...

I LOVE GAMES2751d ago

Devil May Cry 5 in E3 ????????????

lociefer2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

more DCL Capcom perhaps ? how about a jacket for ruy

mjolliffe2751d ago

Yeah I suppose if DMC5 isn't announced at E3 the least Capcom could do is support it with regular DLC :)

Redrum0592751d ago

I just hope that it will go back to it's roots, dmc1 was my fav because of the dark mysterious mideivel theme, more gothic and more serious Dante. I've liked all of them but more and more they keep making Dante more goofy and the theme too colorful and rocker like. I wanna dark evil game, not a fantasy game.

ThaOutKast2751d ago

What is DCL, Down Content Loadable?

Kurylo3d2750d ago

Sadly as cool as devil may cry is, we all know dmc 4 was a garbage corny game. Hell all of them were with the exception of dmc 1 lol. dmc4 was just way out there on cornyness and the fact that the 2nd half of the game was just going backwards through the entire game felt like i got ripped off since the devs didnt feel like putting more work in. I for one wont be buying dmc 5... it was good while it lasted...

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Lifendz2751d ago

2 years? That's a good bit of time to not have a DMC game. I like that they took a break (hopefully they're taking this time to refine the game and get it back to what made it great), but 2 years is a little too long. Guess the effect of Bionic Commando and Dark Void are causing Capcom to take a good hard look at all the titles they plan on releasing. BTW, does anyone know how Lost Planet 2 did?

deafwing2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

.. gonna have to disagree with you .. they need to sit back re-think that franchise, especially since the main man who started the series is gone now. Japanese game companies are like that, they don't do hand offs of titles to other developers that often ... if the original creator cannot be utilized for a proper sequel then most likely the game will not get made.

Look at Final Fantasy VII, it's a classic example. If companies in the far east did hand offs more often, I would have a proper sequel to titles like Vagrant Story and Eihander years ago.

Immortal3212751d ago

DMC4 would look like that art style when this generation just started.

ThaOutKast2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Just fix the save system in DMC5 and I will buy it day one.

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Kingdom Come2751d ago

Capcom really need to pull out some great titles and soon, I can think of only a handful (and a small one at that) of recent Capcom titles that havent dissapointed. Devil May Cry, being one of their most renowned franchises is key to their success, and for gods sake, get rid of Nero. Devil May Cry is Dante's show...

deafwing2751d ago

... :D it's even more over the top sillyness than DMC

darkdoom30002751d ago

... Bayo is good, but still fails to reach the awesomeness of DMC3.

Dawn_Of_Ashes2751d ago

it sucks that capcom prefer to do some weird crappy game like bionic commando or dark void and not betting on sure shot like dmc

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