Do We Need To Change Video Game Rating Scales?

PSExtreme: What you see here are potential examples of perfect 10s. How we judge that is almost entirely subjective but they're all on the same scale: women. The question is, now that gaming has taken on a variety of different forms and types, should we be using the same scoring scales across the board?

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deadreckoning6663117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

Yep. It should be "Buy, Rent, Pass". Simple as that. As long as there are still numbers used in game reviews, nimrods will jump straight to the score without reading/watching reviews.

Greywulf3117d ago


re: Uncharted, Resistance, Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword.

Sure Lair & haze were flops.

Its good to see everyone finally gets it. Reviews now at days are paid off advertising for games, generally.

Digitaldude3116d ago

OH god yes, this whole out of 10 rating is retarded, its not like you finish a game and say, I feel a 8.6.
Why 8.6 and not 8.5?
I like what G4TV does, a out of 5 rating, simple and effective, 5 meaning buy it now, 4 meaning worth your time, 3 meaning mediocre, 2 meaning pretty bad, 1 meaning avoid.

These scores are ruining gaming.

JANF3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

I agree, i think the 5 stars rating should be the norm.

Rumor3116d ago

i lol'd at ...."im feeling a 8.6"

just the thought of a fat, dirty, greasy game reviewer finishing a game like final fantasy and saying "yea...i totally felt a 7.4 on that one"

ReservoirDog3163116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

I just don't like that games are scored on the basis of anything less than a 10 is looked down upon.

Look at movie reviewing. The Departed, the best picture winner at the oscars, has an 8.5/10 on IMDB and an 86/100 on metacritic. And it got great reviews. What would happen to a game if it got those reviews? It would be swept under the rug.

I don't like that that. Even seems kinda childish that so many perfect scores are given out for video games. Wish game reviews were like movie reviews. Anything over a 7 can be considered worth while. But a 7 for video games is usually an automatic skip.

edit: And yeah, g4tv's reviews are really good. Easy to understand and interpret.

rob60213116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

The fact all the review people are almost completely supported by the publishers who advertise on them, forces them into a position of giving out good reviews - or else they'll be shunned from information in the future, as well have no money to sell their magazine/website.

Movie reviewers are often from newspapers supported by non-movie advertisers.

It's just a sad fact of how corrupt our current games review system is - the fact it's on a 1-10 or 1-5 scale shouldn't make a difference. It's a big joke, yet still so important to our decision making process as to buying which game over another - the scores are almost always inflated, unless the publisher hasn't gained pull on the particular site/mag yet.

It sounds stupid, but it would be nice if all the major newspapers started reviewing most games that come out for this reason alone.

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AAACE53116d ago

People place too much on a review score. The score is more of a generalization of the overall experience! No one will feel the same way about a game. The score is based on that persons opinion. A metacritic score is based on several opinions. All the score is meant to do is tell you if the game is worth buying right away!

I've played games that have got 9's and 10's! But after i've played the, I felt they deserved a 6 or 8!

The score isn't really that important. The only reason it seems important is for those who want to post bragging rights like little kids! Ohhh, my games better than your game! Yeah, but you can't get my game on your piece of sh*t console because it's exclusive! You know, all that blah,blah,blah!

Hotel_Moscow3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

we should give them colors on a scale of black to white

manna3116d ago

lol dude tht didnt n wouldnt come out right....cos it would mean tht black is bad...n we wouldnt want tht now would we..but back to the point..yea the rating system is messed up i'd prefer a rating system tht stops at 5 n then the diff aspects of the game would be categorised and put in a percentile format like saying the gameplay is the strongest point therefore it carries 80% of the appeal while the story sucks so it carries 50%..but say total score would still be out of 5 n irrespective of the scores given to those diff jst sharing an bashing pls :)

Brasi823117d ago

Every game should be reviewed on how fun it is and on the limitations of the system it is on. Wii shouldn't be compared with graphics of HD systems and HD systems shouldn't be based on Wii's control. Same for the PSP and the DS.

Hellsvacancy3117d ago

A rating from 1 to 10 will do just fine

ThatArtGuy3116d ago

When was the last time a game received a 3 or less? Not many, if ever. 4 or 5 point systems work best, but I'd like to get rid of point systems altogether.

Write a review and let the reader decide if they'd like it based on what you wrote.

BannedForNineYears3116d ago

But when you say out of 10, does that mean decimal numbers are acceptable?
If yes, you need realize that 100=10 and 95=9.5 in review score terms.

ThatArtGuy3116d ago

No. 10 point systems or percentile systems are too wide to work. But like I said, I'd prefer no score at all.

Fanb0y3116d ago

I like how joystiq doesn't give number ratings. They have their readers judge for themselves and just have written reviews.

But if we absolutely need one... the 5 point scale would work, no half points.

spektical3117d ago

something is wrong with the system when GTAIV gets 95+ and MW2 gets 90+ on metacritic.

Hotel_Moscow3117d ago

are you saying gta4 is not a good game or are you saying both of them arent good games

all i know is gta4 was loads of fun

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