Top 5 Games to Keep You Out of the Summer Sun

Mucudadada from writes, "Personally, I hate the sun. It burns my porcelain white body. Thankfully this summer will bring plenty of games that will ensure that I avoid the tyrannical star. Here are just a few."

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Timesplitter143116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

People still play sports games?

Redrum0593116d ago

Funny how a sports game will be released every year and it is almost exactly the same as it's prequal yet millions still buy them

Drjft3116d ago

Yeah, because it's easier to play it then actually go outside and play it! Duhhh. :p

3116d ago
JOLLY13116d ago

People still play jprg's. They come out multiple times a year, they don't really change at all, yet millions buy them.

3116d ago
ShinMaster3116d ago

But no, there's quite a bit of a difference there.
Sports games look and play the same. There's no change of scenery, characters, no story whatsoever, etc.

Esena3116d ago

Please edit your comment. Your comparison is terrible.

zdudynot3116d ago

jesus christ u people r dumb. fifa changes every year, gameplay improvemnts better graphics, and who said no new "characters", did ya ever here of new players eh? then, new online modes, be a pro, and a career mode that could easily last longer than any game out there!

ShinMaster3115d ago

Players aren't exactly characters.
There may be gameplay improvements but it's all still based on the same exact thing.

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Kahvipannu3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

I do, NHL and Soccer are always great with beer and friends :) But I usually "update" my games after two years, so no new NHL every year.

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LeonSKennedy4Life3116d ago

I couldn't care less.

Mod Nation and Red Dead will keep me busy all summer...for the five hours I'll play.

Who plays video games in summer? Shouldn't we have friends to hang out with? Places to go? Baseball to play?

poindat3116d ago

I'm with you bro. I've got no real friends, no job at the moment, and no life. All I have is video games and a girlfriend...

...It's not a bad life, actually. :D

Rucury3116d ago

Ditto, man.

Got a few friends, but like me, they'll stay and play the whole summer...

I love it, actually.

Who needs a life? I'm a gamer. I have many lives.

36T3116d ago

Sorry but.... LOL @ all you! No wonder you peeps bust a nut whenever somebody says something negative about your console of choice or game. Go to the beach and check out the ladies! Yes, even if you have a gf. Wtf, you people dead already?

Kalowest3116d ago

Yes I'm dead already, my 360 and PS3 both have a half of my soul.

nycredude3116d ago

Going to the beach and check out the ladies how is that a life? Sorry but dudes going to the beach trying to pick up girls only to fail hard are pathetic. I have a life I am married, get all the sex I want when I want, go to bbqs, play hardball on weekends work 5 days a week see my parents every weekend AND I still find time to play games. Just becuase you play games don't mean you have no life. And this coming from a bunch of nerds who comes to N4g and insult other people? I think you people need lives.

BTW I get BJs while I play games! Beat that bitches!!!!

Independent_Charles3116d ago

dont know about you but is anyone bord of rdr yet?

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cobraagent3116d ago

" Who plays video games in summer? Shouldn't we have friends to hang out with? Places to go? Baseball to play? "
I do

MysticStrummer3116d ago

Baseball blows, but you're right about Red Dead Redemption. RDR is all you need for the summer. I'm not even done with all there is to do in the game and I'm already drooling at the thought of DLC.

Brewski0073116d ago

Daytime is for hangovers , play games and recover. Night is for the pub, a club and sex.
Screw playin sports though, got better things to than that!

Esena3116d ago

Such a fulfilling life...

dizzleK3116d ago

yea, if you never grew up. what an empty, shallow life. at least poindat admits he's a loser (no offense).

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solar3116d ago

SC2 is the only game on that list i could see anyone sacrificing a summer for...

xer03116d ago

that list - REALLY sucks.

I can think of 5 AND more - both on the PS3 and the 360.


madmonkey03116d ago

shouldnt we be finding a way to get outside in the summer? rather than stuck inside playing games, well if that is what you prefer doing then you have some serious issues.

Kalowest3116d ago

Gaming is way better then going outside.

madmonkey03116d ago

maybe if your 15 years old and have no friends, or are 40 years old and have no friends and still live with your mum, but it is not for normal people.

asdr3wsfas3115d ago

Unless you live in a state with near 100 degree weather and mad humidity. Then you stay inside.

vickers5003116d ago

You have some serious issues if you think that your way of life is the one and only true way to live your life.

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