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"Last week, Konami and Microsoft released the demo of N3II: Ninety-Nine Nights on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. It is actually the same demo that was available for play during the Konami Press Event a couple of months ago. Now that everyone will get a chance to play the sequel of Ninety-Nine Nights, should fans of the series expect the same treatment? It is no lie that the first one was hideous due to its repetitive gameplay. The demo that is now available should give you a glimpse on what to expect in the final version." - Just Push Start

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ShadyDevil3038d ago

Game looks good. Konami shows potential with this.

MightyMark4273038d ago

Hopefully it won't suck like the first one

MattyF3038d ago

The first one was just repetitive. A few more combos and special moves, this game could be much better than N3.

N4GAddict3038d ago

Yeah, it really needs to be better than the first game

Tony P3038d ago

The first one wasn't terrible it was just terribly boring imo. All the mechanics and things worked well enough, but combined into one bland experience. I think this is one of those games that could improve with just a few cinematic touches.

callahan093038d ago

The only games coming out this summer in the future that I'm sort of considering buying are this and Crackdown 2. But I'm only going to get one. Which should I get?

N4BmpS3038d ago

Personally I'd go with Crackdown 2 if you only have an Xbox360.

Brklynty13038d ago

The first was just down right garbage. 360 owners know better this time to hype this as a god of war killer

Dance3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

bit hard calling it a god of war killer since both game are nothing a like so quite trolling

Bigpappy3038d ago

I have played the demo for this on XBL. I like this one also. I will conside it if I feel like some hack and slash

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