Japanese games to be exported to North America as well?

Mabie A. Writes:

Another survey pops up on the Internet, and this time, they're asking about what Japanese game would you like exported to other regions. The poll is being hosted by the Ape-Club, Ape Escape's own website.

This poll is entitled "Which Game Would You Want Released Outside of Japan". That's pretty direct to the point. Among the choices are Piposaru 2001, ApeRacer, MillionMonkeys and SaruSaru MasterMoves.

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3003d ago
Brklynty13003d ago

ALL! Bleach, Tales, WKC2, bring them. Maybe if Japan brought some of their games over they wouldnt be Doomzed as capcom says they are.

jack_burt0n3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

million monkeys!!!! edit:its just the fan blog.