New Backbreaker Video - "Game Modes"

XXLGaming writes, "505 Games and NaturalMotion Games today released the final episode in the Backbreaker Training Camp series, giving players all the guidance they need to hit the hard-hitting, explosive action on the field when the game ships tomorrow for Xbox 360™ and PlayStation®3."

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FragMnTagM3120d ago

Hopefully it gets some exposure, but alas the Madden idiots will continue to buy Madden no matter what.

Cevapi883120d ago

if this game had an intuitive create-a-team component like the Winning Eleven series we would see every NFL team re-created in the game and that would make it a buy for me...but i have yet to hear anything about that

Berdy3119d ago

It does have an intuitive create-a-team component. Look at vids on youtube, people are re-creating NFL logos perfectly.

Cevapi883118d ago

seriously??...i gotta look that up

N4GAddict3119d ago

Yeah, I don't think it will sell

rwallace3120d ago

A product of no NFL license. I do think this will catch some people's eye, but the camera system might be its downfall as it takes quite a bit of getting used to. If people take the time to adjust to the different style, they will find a decent game.

SactoGamer3120d ago

I really hope the lack of an NFL licence doesn't hurt it. Then again, the original Tecmo Bowl (as well as the DS game Tecmo Bowl Kickoff) didn't have any NFL licences and they did alright.

N4GAddict3119d ago

Tecmo Bowl was popular though, this is a new IP.

rwallace3120d ago

I agree News10...But All Pro 2K8 and Blitz seemed to suffer from the lack of the license. People checked it out but int he end Madden won out. Now Even if Backbreaker does well, I still think in the end everyone will flock to Madden 11 because that NFL fix is a must have for football fans.

jdktech20103118d ago

To be fair, the next generation Blitz games suffered from the lack of NFL but also the fact it was a crappy game in general (to me anyway).

I think this franchise has serious potential but I'm still buying madden this year. They need to refine a few things but just as I hardly ever buy the first generation of a tech product, I hardly buy first game in a series that will repeat (primarily sports games)

divideby03119d ago

I tried but just couldnt get into the demo...Camera angle is pretty bad at times

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