The Leading Publishers of E3

"Many attend E3 each year, but only a few become trade show champions..."

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Caspel3096d ago

Nintendo hasn't brought "it" since they revealed the Wii. They need to dazzle this year.

N4GAddict3096d ago

All they need is Zelda Wii

tunaks13096d ago

09 was pretty good for nintendo, other m, galaxy 2, sin & punihsment 2, monado (now xenoblade) were all shown off.

ATLGAMER3095d ago

Will repeat...Will Fall Flat

TwistedMetal3095d ago

Maybe that will do it for the people who only play and love nintendo games, but it wont work for real gamers who dont roll over every time a game from their nostalgic past is released.

3095d ago
barefootgamer3095d ago

I'm actually looking forward to seeing what some of the smaller developers have planned at E3.

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