Gamesradar preview: First look at ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead

Gamesradar writes:

Operation Arrowhead is Bohemia’s final big push to make ArmA II more than just that game you were interested in but, at the same time, scared to death of. The evidence so far indicates they could finally have nailed it. The proof is naturally in the playing, but it could be that ArmA II’s potential has been realised after all this time.

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Drjft3090d ago

This game isn't a "mainstream" title, that is it's problem. I played one round of Benny Edition Warfare 2.09 and I'd been playing one round for 6 hours. People are too used to the instant thrills that are coupled too the cocaine like bursts of mainstream FPS games to enjoy this.

I personally love it <3