Epic Mickey: a new version at E3 ?

Epic Mickey, The game will put us in the shoes of the famous mouse will be present at E3, which takes place next June. The rubbery appearance of the game, presented on the first images, had disappointed many people, after distributing the artwork of the game, which gave a steampunk style to the world of Disney movies.

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DA_SHREDDER3038d ago

That would be sick if it was a PS3 exclusive using the PSmove. Man I would die from a heart attack.

Tommykrem3038d ago

It would be cool if it came to PS3. Wii owners should be happy for this one.

tunaks13038d ago

teh wii got no good gamez

asdr3wsfas3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

you d3athtilldawn, me oobob

also, first 2 posts.

-MD-3038d ago

Didn't Gameinformer say this was going multiplatform a few issues back?

tunaks13038d ago

At the moment it is a wii exclusive, it will prob change if they are going to re-do the game.

Shnazzyone3037d ago

That rumor erupted from an out of date article posted before the wii exclusive announcement that all the hd gamers pounced on because they all hated warren spectre giving wii some love.

I remember researching all the sources on that rumor and kept coming to the same out of date GI website posting. Basicly it's just the horridness of GIs site organization getting up the hopes of wii haters.

How about you buy it for wii I mean ports are always subpar.

Quagmire3037d ago

Anything Wii can do I can do better.

I = PSMove

eagle213037d ago

Except sell better, huh? lol

Reality will hit you soon... :)

Shnazzyone3037d ago

Everyone will want to pay another 100 bucks for an upgrade to a 300 dollar system. To get what you can get for 200-150 bucks. It all makes so much sense. Plus every single game that hd gamers want will be magically ported to ps3 with no effort or production expenses at all.

Yeah, sarcasm.

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The story is too old to be commented.