6.0 Pure Football Review "Pure Football is a pretty solid 5-a-side football game, but it doesn't really excel in any way. Steps have been taken to make the online experience a good one, but it's let down severely in other areas and it really hampers the experience. The actual gameplay is quite clunky and the career mode is also pretty short. It all just points to a game that was pushed out in time for the World Cup."

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Hardedge3117d ago

Football Manager sounds more fun..

mephman3116d ago

It probably has more action :p

Selyah3117d ago

Sounds a bit like a cash in.

JDouglasGU3117d ago

seems like this won't be the game that draws me into football games. although, be-a-pro mode in UEFA 08 was quite fun.

Panzerkanzler3116d ago

@Selyah: Indeed. Because if you would really want to challenge the two big boys in footy games you would never release such crap like this game.

Magpie743116d ago

This is the crap game you haven't actually played yet, right, Panzerkanzler?