David Jaffe’s New Game Is Full Of “Fantasy” And “Attitude”

David Jaffe has been teasing his new game for ages now. Recently Michael Pachter said the new title was really a Twisted Metal style game. But now, Jaffe has released new info on what will be PS3’s next Epic adventure.

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alaa3093d ago

RPG? Man I think this guy is just playing with people's minds!

all i want is twisted!

Mo0eY3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

Fantasy and attitude remind me of God of War. Bring me another masterpiece, Jaffe.

Conloles3093d ago

“I love the fantasy, the vibe, the attitude. A fun world to visit & play in.”

Sorry but how is this new info? You could say this for any game.

I swear gamesthirst take any tweet from this guy and turn it into an article.

I personally think (hope) he's working on a new Twisted Metal game.

TOO PAWNED3093d ago

"New Game Is Full Of “Fantasy” And “Attitude”" He just described 90% of games out there. That same description goes for TM

deafwing3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

Jaffe must be enjoying this .. he knows his tweets are taken to the n'th level on blogs across the interwebs ... :D haha

for me ... the " fun place to visit" reminded me of a kids game for some reason. If that's so I can't wait to see the public reaction.

Etseix3093d ago

*Alpha, recruit a team of teenagers with attitude*

Freak of Nature3093d ago

Fantasty and attitude remind me of GOW/Zelda....

He did mention a few Months back...

“If I were to do GOW now, I would do GOW meets ZELDA 64 structure. Much more interested in immersive games now vs. scripted experiences. But I think Zelda open world+GOW puzzles/combat=pretty good mash."

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Anarki3093d ago

There's nothing wrong with making a new title..

inveni03093d ago

Agreed. I played Twisted Metal back on PS2, and I didn't like it at all.

captain-obvious3093d ago

i dont know what game it is
but i do know one thing
it'll be great

Davoh3093d ago (Edited 3093d ago )

I don't think it'd be an RPG, David Jaffe doesn't seem the sort of person to make one. But seriously how long is he going to wait until he just tells us what he's making.

Gothdom3093d ago

Maybe, maybe not. He doesn't look like the guy to do that, but he is a surprising individual.

Nevertheless, maybe it could be an action/adventure like Darksiders or Zelda in the mind of Sweet Tooth... I personally think it's a Twisted Metal spin-off without being a driving game.

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THC CELL3093d ago

if its a rpg i think it will be very good

Abit like fable cross God of war hehehe

Anarki3093d ago

I think ps3 needs a Fable-type game. It would be pretty nice to see what they can come up with.

redDevil873093d ago

Thinking about what his new game is, is giving me a headache

Faztkiller3093d ago

Still sounds like a Twisted Medal Type game

mastiffchild3093d ago

Be fair-that makes it sound like it could be ANY bloody game! His comments would ft GOW FFS! Would fit Mass Effect, MGS, Halo, Fable, FF, TM and practically anything without a super realistic setting!

As a UK gamer who didn't even have much of a chance to like or dislike TM(I've only ever seen one review for the first game and NEVER found a copy! Did the later ones even make it out here?)I couldn't care less if it is or isn't a new one and my preference would be, after not being very hooked by youtube vids of the series and hearing Jaffe himself say any reboot would have to be severe to appeal to UK/EU/Japanese gamers(and make it more "subtle"), for a completely new IP. Also, after CaC(which it seems I was the only person, well with my mates who played it with me, that liked the game)I wonder if David is all bored of cars/vehicular games for the minute.

Whatever, I won't be shocked either way and given the choice I'd take the new IP over a game that's consistently only sold anything in the US-there's usually a reason for things like that and his comments do suggest a series that appeals mainly in NA if not almost exclusively. I'm just not sure he thinks he can get Twisted Metal to sell worldwide just now and I imagine that's the kind of thing Sony are after.

PirateThom3093d ago

Twisted Metal Black definitely made it here, I have a copy, it was sold with the Network Adaptor.

jack_burt0n3093d ago

Black got a messed up release because of 9/11 it had content deemed inappropriate and delayed heavily but i bought the cut in half version on release day here.

Twisted Metal the original and 2 sold well here.

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