E4G: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

E4G: If you are a Wii owner there is a good chance you are either an 8 year old child or a middle aged wife. I kid, i kid. In reality if you are a Wii owner you probably developed an inner quality control and thus became very similar to average PC gamer.

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dardinkay2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

The game was good, the Super Mario Galaxy series will probably continue on if Nintendo is willing to do so. But to be honest, I still prefer the first game, it is a lot better in my opinion.

matrix2242753d ago

Okay...lets be honest here. This game was a ton better than the first one...Why do you think that it is worse?

dardinkay2753d ago

In my opinion sequels usually tend to be worse no matter what. Just a few little features, not worth the game price.

dkblackhawk502753d ago

Holy settle lol...The game is a great adventure and nothing less.

huzzaahh2753d ago

I didn't like the first game, so I think the second can't be much better if not worse. It's all up to personal opinion. I'll try the game, but I won't say whether it's definitely better or worse until I've played it.

AKS2753d ago

No way! The level design of SMG2 is among the best I've seen. The creativity in this game is incredible. I can see why it's considered a strong GotY candidate.

mjolliffe2753d ago

Awesome, awesome game :)

dardinkay2753d ago

Meh....your comment fails! :P. But on a serious note. A 9 is a great score for the game, at least it has no bugs like Red Dead :P

FrankDaTank2753d ago

Still not buying a Wii though.

eagle212753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

This isn't even a real review. Reviews on Amazon have more depth. lol

huzzaahh2753d ago

Yeah, an amateurish review. Honestly, three paragraphs?

Samus HD2753d ago

what the F.
this game should be 10/10 with no doubt

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