Top-10 horses in video games

Red Dead Redemption is one of the best games including horses. Videogameszone created their top-10 list of best horses in video games.

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Gun_Senshi3032d ago

Didn't check list. Agro has to be number One. If he is not, list fails.

LeonSKennedy4Life3032d ago

I agree. I've NEVER been that attached to an animal in a game. The Last Guardian will probably change that though.

I know that at some point during The Last Guardian, I'm going to cry. It's Team Ico. They're just too darn creative!

Gun_Senshi3032d ago

Agro made me cry manly tears!

HammockGames3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

Smoldering eyes with flaming nostrils and leaving a trail of fire = pretty slick.

Agro would probably be a close second for me overall, although I would say that Agro is more memorable (see end game twist).

terrorofdeath3032d ago

When I saw the headline for this article. Agro rocks.

alphakennybody3032d ago

No doubt agro is number #1 when it comes to these kind of list. Only the ones who have played SOTC( all way to the end) will what we mean.

iMaim3032d ago

they have to be there.
only horses in existence with the ability to strafe.

ShOtCall3r333032d ago

so if a something "you" want in a list isn't their then it fails to be a good list? kinda selfish in a small way

itisa3032d ago

Because Agro is the rightly deserving best horse in video game medium?

Nike3032d ago

"Because Agro is the rightly deserving best horse in video game medium?"

Epona says hi.

Gun_Senshi3032d ago

Agro sacrifies himself to save you. Epona don't even come close.

thewhoopimen3032d ago

hell no... Epona does not even come close.

midgard2273032d ago

.....a list of videogame today is a slow news day

browngamer43032d ago

I haven't yet checked the list myself..but if Epona is not number one then this list completely fails!

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The story is too old to be commented.