People/Characters That Should Be In a Fighting Game

Fighting games are pretty cliché. There are always the same character types: the lone swordsman, the sickeningly cute girl, the hulking meathead, and the solemn kung fu master. It’s always exciting when there’s someone who breaks the mold, or there’s a cameo from some well known character.

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brandynevils3090d ago

Yes, put the bride in a video game.

mau643090d ago

The bride would make one hell of a character.

N4GAddict3090d ago

I'm surprised they haven't made a Kill Bill game yet.

HolyOrangeCows3090d ago

Master Chief and Gordon? No.

Otherwise, good list.

SKGamer3088d ago

Well they already had a knock-off of Master Chief in Dead or Alive 4, called Nicole I believe. That was by far my favorite character in the game so... if having the actual MC in a fighting game is anything like that it'd be cool.

I could see Soul Calibur doing it, they always do console-specific promotional characters. Like the 360 version of SC 5.

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smashly3090d ago

I guess it all kinda depends on what genre of fighting games they are going into. Some of these like the Bride would work good in a soul caliber type game.

N4GAddict3090d ago

She cold also work in bushido blade

Ahmay3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

she don't spit..

how about,,, Kevin Butler.

George Sears3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

I got the Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior game for the iTouch and I was really surprised on how well the fighting system was. I prefered the game much more than the iTouch version of SFIV.

They did a great job with the homage.

NYShotgun063090d ago

Need to download that app then. You've convinced me to buy it.

Ziriux3090d ago

That would be quite a revolution.

mau643090d ago

I want to see Chuck Norris in a fighting game. While its loading, give us some good chuck norris jokes.

R2D23090d ago

In a NBA Live game PURE OWNAGE!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.