Most of what you’ve seen in Halo Reach is “placeholder”

Halo Reach looks fantastic but with that said most of what you've seen is simply "placeholder" material in Halo Reach, at least according to Bungie. It's only now that Reach is starting to really come together.

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FanboyAttack2942d ago

The game is not going to look much better than the beta in multiplayer. Now single player thats another story.

SixZeroFour2942d ago

considering they said pre alpha screens had a lot of placeholder and then showed pre beta screens and they were "much better" than alpha, you cant really come to conclusions until you actually see it

from what i read, they are now adding the weather effects, and im sure that will make things look a lot better and set the mood for the levels...especially how realistic the effects are supposed to play out, with areas that are covered and shouldnt get wet arent getting wet...i cant wait to see a vidoc or screens of recent builds

Breakfast2942d ago

The Generator Defense map 'Outlook' was pulled straight from the campaign, and it looked significantly better than the other three mp maps we were playing.

...But im sure everything will look better in general come September :)

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Giant_Chibi2942d ago

I agree with you about multiplayer.

It was the same for the halo 3 beta. When the full game came out, there wasn't much of a difference in visuals.

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D4RkNIKON2942d ago

OK.. Reach looks better than Halo 3, that's a given.. So who here really thinks Reach looks better than Killzone 2? I really want to know.

rezzah2942d ago

It shouldnt have to look different just because its multiplayer, If they were good (or better) theyd be able to make both ends look awesome without any changes.

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ZombieAutopsy2942d ago

God i hope so, I've been playin Halo 3/ODST more lately and i was really hoping for a huge graphical leap or at least get some AA in their.

ZombieAutopsy2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

Ha i get disagrees because of a bunch of butthurt fanboys think im putting the game down when really its just what i want out of the game. I've grown very fond of the Halo franchise and was hoping Bungie would really up the bar like everyone was saying.

MerkinMax2942d ago

Or maybe it is the fact that the game does look better and has AA...

Independent_Charles2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

they have really upd the bar graphically.

edit-why dont images show bigger -.-

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