Xbox 360 Games scheduled for June 2010 (US/CAN/UK/AU)

Below you can browse through a complete list of upcoming Xbox 360 games. Click on a game title to get all the technical specs and related features from the 360-HQ games database - Featured Games include: Backbreaker, Clash of the Titans, Split/Second, DarkStar One: Broken Alliance, SBK X: Superbike World Championship, Naughty Bear, Call of Duty: The War Collection and many more.

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Al Bundy3120d ago

Uh, shouldn't this list be called "Xbox 360 AND PS3 games scheduled for June 2010"?

Silly gameAr3120d ago

Looks like an XBOX site, so I doubt they would mention the PS3 even if the games are multiplat.

36T3120d ago

Now why would they do that when they're an Xbox site? This isn't a retailers list Bundy.

DelbertGrady3120d ago

Sniper: Ghost Warrior, Crackdown 2 and probably some other games in there aren't coming to the PS3.

AliTheBrit193120d ago

Good job may was so good I guess, because not much at all going on in June!

outrageous3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

There are 2 I'm looking forward to.

Sniper: Ghost warrior. Not enough sniper games if you ask me. The graphics look sharp ( at least the trailers I've seen )with good gameplay.

Singularity has some crazy graphics and physics. Very Bioshock like.

Over all tho, I'd say it's mostly a rental type of month unless those two games I mentioned are must haves. Of course E3 is in June. Big month.

Crackdown 2 in July ( the 6th ) is a day one game for me. Open world-co-op and multi-player make it so.

FanboysWillHateMe3120d ago

there's barely anything come out this summer. Crackdown 2 supposedly in July, and Mafia 2 and Kane and Lynch 2 in August. It'll be a good time for me to catch up on some games I haven't beaten yet, like Oblivion and Dragon Age. Maybe squeeze in some time for a few handhelds.

BillOreilly3120d ago

NAUGHTY BEAR FTW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!