5 Things I'd Like to See in Call of Duty: Black Ops writes: "As a vocal critic (yet constant player) of Modern Warfare 2, I’ve got a few ideas on improving the formula and delivering a great overall experience."

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Al Bundy3121d ago

1. No marathon, lightweight, and commando perks
2. No death streaks
3. Claymores that you can't run through unharmed
4. Bullets should break up the knifing animation so you can't get stabbed while pumping someone full of bullets
5. No care packages

MasterKen3121d ago

I agree with all of those.

claterz3121d ago

3 should be claymores that kill people EVEN if they're standing behind it!
And fixed killstreaks would be cool, or if they keep custom killstreaks you should be able to set different killstreaks for each class

Studio-YaMi3120d ago

Anything that they add..
but please...PLEASE,make a Nazi zombie mode again !

I will be soooo happy :'( ..

dj555555553120d ago

1-5 a game that lasts longer than a fart

hellrazer3120d ago

how about a zombie campaign?