Blizzard - Developers Need To Stop Focusing On DRM

Not one to follow the crowd, Blizzard have hit out against the recent drive towards more restrictive DRM in PC gaming.

Speaking to VideoGamer, Blizzard co-founder and executive producer for StarCraft II Frank Pearce said that publishers and developers need to reward players who actually buy their games, rather than spend their time punishing those who don't.

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champ212913d ago

DRM only hurts sales.

Pirates will crack the game and not pay anyways.

ZombieAutopsy2912d ago

Yea thats what i never got, even the people who bought the game will download the crack if the DRM is like AC2. They pretty much waste time and money on making the DRM only for it too hurt sales and just cause a bunch of problems, just like when the severs went down and no one could play AC2.

poopface12912d ago

that game will be awesome

moe842912d ago

Although, I completely agree with this article... if people could find more constructive ways to battle pirating there wouldn't be a need. But then again, it's not a perfect world and pirates can all rot in hell.


Faelan2912d ago

Wasn't there an article the other day about the exact same thing?

Ironfungus2909d ago

Yeah. They're right, developers do need to stop focusing on DRM. They need to start making games, you know, not SUCK.