Call of Duty: Treyarch vs Infinity Ward

Call of Duty is one of, if not the biggest FPS franchise of recent times. With games selling in their millions, online multiplayer dominating the Xbox Live and PSN charts and YouTube videos of every known play-style available, the franchise is somewhat successful. However, with two leading developers alternating year on year, there are questions on which is the better of the two. So, rather than compare on a game to game basis, lets compare on a segment of the game and work our way from there.

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THC CELL3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

Sony should buy IW and shut Treyarch the fook up
i mean call of duty will always be the same as Mw with a new skin
Or fly a chopper pff i can do that in Battlefield

i will only be getting black ops for zombie mode

i can picture a ps3 powered IW exclusive

Would be 10x call of duty

villevalorox3040d ago

while I agree with you, I would much rather sony buy Insomniac or some other deserving company. I mean IW is a great game studio, but I'm just saying....would much rather have them buy out a more experienced 3d party dev. i.e has done an AAA ps3 exclusive :) every ps3 exclusive has that heart and sole into it. I just am not for sure if IW could do it like ND or GG or uhh MM :) I say burn COD, IW, AV, TS.. all of them!

Conloles3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

Lemme get this right you want Sony to buy a dev who's had 3/4 of their staff walkout and join Respawn? I could picture that game too it'd be 1/4 of a bad game in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 anyways.

villevalorox3039d ago

nooo. i only agree with the fact that ""call of duty will always be the same as Mw with a new skin
Or fly a chopper pff i can do that in Battlefield "" not that sony should buy iw. did you not even read my comment..

Anarki3039d ago

I agree with villevalorox.
Infinity ward is hugely over rated.. imho... There are more deserving game companies out there that deserve to go first party.

Conloles3039d ago

That was directed at THC Cell

villevalorox3039d ago

ohh. well i saw that you replied under my comment and not his.. you icon is smaller so that led me to believe you were talking to me. If it was actually directed toward him it would have been my size.. Just clearing things up.

was an honest mistake ;)

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valanceer3039d ago

IW is a lost cause.... they lost all of there best people from the move to respawn thx to activision...

Gamingisfornerds3039d ago

"With games selling in their millions, online multiplayer dominating the Xbox Live and PSN charts and YouTube videos of every known play-style available, the franchise is somewhat successful"

'Somewhat' succesful? You mean: 'extremely' succesful.

mrv3213039d ago

Compared to cats MW2 is somewhat succesful on youtube
Compared to racist 12 year olds MW2 is no very succfesful on live
Compared to the titanic MW2 STILL is buggy

dalibor3039d ago

To bad the online aspect of the game wasn't such a "success" for me. It could have been better imo.

And it's not gaming is for nerds it's gaming is for ENTERTAINMENT. Why must gaming be regarded as a nerdy thing I will never know.

Gamingisfornerds3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

@mrv321: With regard to the gaming industry: MW2 is extremely succesful. And that's all that is relevant in the context of which the author meant it. Seriously, are you really that dumb?

I am not arguing whether the game is good or not (I think MW2 is terrible and I loved COD4). But the game is a massive succes, both in terms of sales/revenue and online activity.

So yes, calling it "somewhat" succesful is very curious at the least. Especially when the rest of that very sentence just screams the opposite. I was mearly pointing out the poorly chosen word by the author, but I guess it's no MW2 newsitem without butthurt fanboys jumping the gun.

And you (mvr321) got an 'agree' already on such a poor/misinformed post, wow. N4G at it's very best!

mrv3213039d ago

I could be making a joke, I don't know about you but I don't really care about what this site thinks. It's just a site, if you take it seriously then you misunderstand the internet. Seriously IT'S THE INTERNET. This is a community where the only community to be worse is youtube.

N4G is a joke, you just have to look at the front page... just look at the rumours and blogs. It's like BBC world doing a video on the rumour of a cat up a tree and another video about a guys poorly written paragraff on the rumour of a cat up a tree and how Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo fail.

TehGamersHub3039d ago

I have a feeling the Author was being sarcastic. :)

Numark3039d ago

IW >>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>x10& gt;>>>>>>> >>>>> Treyarch. It is not even close, however, IW is now a shell of its former self unfortunately. Call of Duty 2 and Modern Warfare will always be remembered as great games.

ShadyDevil3039d ago

Great article, love it. Treyarch has potential though with Black Ops but they will still undershoot IW.

outrageous3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

I really enjoyed MW2 and especially the spec ops modes. I loved WAW. I thought it had many great moments and flame throwing enemies out of tree's never got old. The zombie mode was a great hit and has sold very well.

Cod is a great franchise. Black ops will sell millions with some analysts claiming, based on numbers they have already, ( pre-order etc ) the game will put up MW2 type numbers if not more. The trailer looks incredible. There will be many different game locations and varying game play.

Black ops will get the same treatment at E3 that MW2 got last E3. We all know how that turned out.

IW is still there, albeit in a smaller capacity. After the next DLC, we will have to see if IW will be disbanded or continue to create games. There is still MANY IW staff there.

Chaotic_Lament3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

Black Ops seems more impressive the more I hear about it. 200 people working on it. A whole team devoted solely to the multiplayer. They have been working on multiplayer since day 1. Create-a-class 2.0. Keeping the 60 fps benchmark...etc.

This is my big get of the Fall.

HennyFarthing3039d ago

I think Treyarch does have some better features over IW, its a shame COD: WAW is only known for Zombie mode.

rezzah3039d ago

Which is why it sucks, beside the sole reason why it isnt good is because IW didnt make it. Its that simple.

HennyFarthing3039d ago

Well no, COD: MW2 was just MW with a few new guns, maps and a 5 hour story and now most of the old maps are coming back into the game, so its just MW with throwing knives.

Brewski0073039d ago

well rezzah if you call a five hour storyline with a copy and paste ending from the first one, running around a multi-player map with commando, lightweight and marathon stuck on a good gaming experience then stick with IW. But treyarch try to trim things like that off their games.
Im looking forward to seeing what treyarch have to offer.

kneon3039d ago

I much prefer WaW over MW2. Much less buggy, good single player, a good, balanced multiplayer and a story that makes some sense. MW2 was a short, easy bugfest with a ridiculous story and noob filled multiplayer that fails to remain interesting.

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