Complete List of Game Releases for June 2010.

A complete list of games, for all major Platforms, coming out in June

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ipwnall2792d ago

After a great month like May, this is what we have left to suffer.

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Conloles2792d ago

Hey I'm just stating the facts feel free to prove me wrong.

Montrealien2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

So, you just created, yet another account to troll? You must be proud.

zootang2792d ago

It's ok we have the World Cup!!!

thesummerofgeorge2792d ago

RDR is next on my list, too many games too little money.

Commander TK2791d ago

Peace Walker & that is it

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Meodia_Art2792d ago

ABP, greatly enjoyed the beta.

ElementX2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

I'm going to pick up Lego Harry Potter. I enjoyed the books and I've played a couple Lego games, this one seems to be the best yet!

I wish that site would change their damn background. The grey text gets extremely hard to read without highlighting

Al Bundy2792d ago

Nothing I want to play.

Dnied2792d ago

Need time to rebuild my gaming funds after May lol

MajestieBeast2792d ago

I was going to pick up APB but the game just is not ready for release and to make it worse its P2P.

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The story is too old to be commented.