Ripten Review: Alan Wake

Ripten writes:

"This review is written by someone who has never played a full game of Resident Evil, Silent Hill, or any survival horror based game for that matter. So if that’s a turn off for you, I suggest you start hauling a** in the other direction. The truth is, the idea of pacing around in the dark while waiting for something to pop out and attack/scare you over and over again, never really appealed to me as a gamer — at least not enough to buy or rent any of those titles at the time of their release. Now, that’s not to say they were bad, I simply occupied my time with other games, and never really felt like I was missing out by not playing them.

In comes Alan Wake, after a five year long wait surrounded by more hype than an NFL Favre Watch initiated by Justin Bieber while on set the set of a new Twilight film ..."

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FrankDaTank3116d ago

but I didn't get any achievement. lame.