Eurogamer Review Clash of the Titans

Eurogamer writes: "As soon as I heard that they were remaking Clash of the Titans, I knew there'd be a videogame. Obviously. So I booked a flight to South America, chartered a boat up the Amazon and tracked down the Tagaeri, a remote tribe that has had virtually no contact with the modern world. I made a bet with them, to see what they thought the Clash of the Titans videogame would be like. They said, "Probably another mediocre God of War rip-off, with giant boss monsters and probably a few quick-time events."

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Dragunov3117d ago

"Perseus himself looks like Wayne Rooney crossed with a confused turtle"
That made my day

Kingdom Come3117d ago

Is there a difference between Wayne Rooney and a Confused Turtle?

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The story is too old to be commented.