PS3 Exploit developments

The old hardware attack on the ps3 otheros has a new twist or two. Which apparently is less ugly and possibly easier to add to your ps3 than the first one.

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dizzleK3040d ago

why is this shit on n4g? send it to news 4 pirates.

Conloles3040d ago

And yet no one complains about other articles which have no relevance to gaming whatsoever....

ReBurn3039d ago

Yeah they do. All the time.

Independent_Charles3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

i think the mods are listening and iv seen a lot less rubbsih articles. hay remember the 'ps3 budled with holy bible' article.
that was just well n4g at its best/worst.i had a good laugh. ever since the update this is the 1st bullsh*t article iv seen i think.

Baka-akaB3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

other articles dont teach you about illegal things so he has a point

SuperStrokey11233039d ago

Its not illegal to mod a console where i live. It is illegal to use pirated games though as it should be.

Kushan3039d ago

Except there's nothing illegal in this article. "Hacking" is not illegal, you can do whatever you want with the hardware you bought. Plus, you still can't pirate anything on the PS3, so why get upset?

inveni03039d ago

That's true, to a certain extent. You can't modify something with the intent of defrauding someone else. For instance, you can smash a penny and turn it into a collectible item by running it through one of those kiosks for tourists that you see sometimes. Why can you do this? Isn't it illegal to deface US currency? Only if you're doing it for fraudulent purposes.

Regular electronics work the same way. Sure, you can modify your own purchase. Nothing wrong with that. But, if you're doing it in order to defraud someone else (for instance, modding your iPhone, PSP or Xbox 360 in order to pirate games), then it's illegal.

Come on, people, this is common should have learned this in college. Things aren't legal or illegal just based on what you think it should be. Use your brains.

IdleLeeSiuLung3039d ago

It's kind of like reporting on a bank robbery and details how the robbery happened. You are telling somebody else how to do something illegal (although this isn't necessarily illegal), yet it is fine.

That is because this is news and way more interesting than why x platform sucks and y platform is superior.

wissam3040d ago

Yes why is this even here.

Meryl3040d ago

yawn let me know when they finally enable backed up games to be played (ps3 ones)

XXXCouture3039d ago

youre gonna have to wait a long time pal

inveni03039d ago

"Backed Up Games"? We all know what you mean, and it's morons like you that make us lose things like OtherOS.

sikbeta3039d ago

I'll let you know, doesn't matter if they finally "[enable] backed up games" like in 2016, right?


That's why All Of Us Will Never see the OtherOS Feature implemented again, EVER!

KilZoneGeneralStrife3040d ago

just look at Geohot too.I mean,sure guys,you're great with software ,hardware etc.we get it. you got it all figured out.maybe you should try the opposite sex now.Im pretty sure you wont have so much free time on your hands to experiment in your lair/parents basement. just saying

inveni03039d ago

The only thing better than time on your hands is a great pair of tits.

THC CELL3040d ago

ps3 is future proof

why waste money

if u cant afford games rent em

MaximusPrime3039d ago

if you cant afford games, GET A JOB!

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The story is too old to be commented.