Xenoblade commercial

New commercial of the upcoming RPG from Nintendo/Monolith Soft.

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Valay3096d ago

Weird commercial, but kind of interesting. My favorite Wii commercials so far though are the Galaxy 2 ones. Anyway, I'm hoping Nintendo announces a North American release date for this at E3.

-Mezzo-3096d ago

Agreed, the Super Mario Galaxy 2 adverts were cool.

Montrealien3095d ago

My favorite Nintendo commercial of all time, right here...

Ziriux3096d ago

I love Japanese video game music, gives me goosboms.

Valay3096d ago

Same here. And luckily, it seems Xenoblade has some really nice tunes. Check out the game's site and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Millah3096d ago

Well considering you got Yoko Shimomura doing the soundtrack, and Yasunori Mitsuda doing the main theme, of course the soundtrack is great :)

Shnazzyone3096d ago

ok... still want this game even though that commercial shows nothing that would convince me if i didn't.

BillOreilly3096d ago

this is 2nd most wanted game after the last story huge mistwalker fan but this looks huge epic and eveything i enjoy in an rpg and the music is fucking fantastic looks like im finally gonna have to pick up a wii for these 2 games

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