Activision Rips Off Brutal Legend for Guitar Hero 6

Explicit Gamer: Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock has a new gameplay mode, and it sounds incredibly similar to a game Activision abandoned and then tried to sue.

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Quagmire2914d ago

Uhh...really, is anyone surprised?

GUCommander2914d ago

Not at all....these two companies are getting out of control...

hamoor2914d ago

Nothing to see here it just the same ol' activision doing what they can do best.....ripping off

qface642914d ago

meh what does it matter guitar hero is very slowly but surely gonna die out they are just gonna keep milking the series as much as possible until the well runs dry

cLiCK_sLiCK92914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

Let them milk Guitar hero as much as they want. I actually support milking when it come to music games. Why? Just look at eBay. I bought all my GH games for less than 15 bucks new. These games tend to lose value quickly. Heck, just look at DjHero. It didn't come out too long ago, and now its already in the 30-50 dollars range new.

The more they milk the quicker their games lose value the cheaper it is for us gamers. So we win. On top of that, Activision still doesn't get my money. I never spent 60 bucks on GH game.

MexicanAppleThief2914d ago

Didn't Guitar Hero 5 flopped? Why do they even bother making the 6th one?

betrayed gamer2914d ago

because they want to relive the glory of the past games and get that money

Dnied2914d ago

They just never stop do they

Gothdom2914d ago

The real problem is not really them making crap, it's the people that buy that crap...

madmonkey02914d ago

Activision are the best at ripping stuff off, and milking the life out of things.

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The story is too old to be commented.